100, 200, 300 Dollars a day?…Try 5000+ With A Product Launch

Hey guys Becker here,

So…I am pumped about this post. I have been covering product creation pretty extensively on here, and now I have the chance to give you a first hand example of it being implemented with a product that is launching tomorrow. I am piss my pants excited because I get  to let you guys in on everything we did to make this product launch possible+successful…Plus, I helped create it and I am kinda proud to show off my work ( VALIDATE ME NOW! ) =P

Anyhoo, I want to get into the key factors behind launching a product like this and show you how/why it works.


Knowing The Market

One of the biggest problems I had when I got into IM is that I thought the internet worked like this

Make a Good Product+Put It Online= $$

This sounds like a solid game plan right? I mean if you make a quality product, it should sell, right? Nope! One of the biggest mistakes people make online is making a product assuming people are interested in buying it. It literally makes me cringe when I read people saying stuff like

I am going to make xxx product and just throw it up. INSTANT MONEY

You have to, have to, have to know the type of products people are looking for and then give that to them. If you do this right, the product  literally makes it self.

For Panda Dundee, we looked all over the warrior forum to find out exactly what people wanted. There were virtually hundreds of threads about how to deal with and beat the new panda patch. People were literally combing the internet looking for a product to solve this problem. Bam! Our product was laid out in front of us. All we had to do was figure out a quick way to rank in Google under the new panda patch.

In short, we had people willing to buy our product before we even made it.

Knowing How To Communicate With Your Customer

Okay, so you have made the worlds best book on how to grow your hair back..YAHOO! But, hold up. How are you going to communicate how great your product is to a guy who is going bald?? He has no idea what is in your book, and theres not a chance in hell hes going to buy it till he does! So…how are you gonna let him know what is up?

The 2nd biggest issue I see with people making products online is that they just put up a picture of their book, add a few words and then slap a buy button underneath. Would you buy a book if you had no idea what was in it? Hell no! This is why it is so important to be able to get your customers attention and then get them interested in what they can gain from their product.

We did this with laser focused sales pages. If you were a person interested in ranking highly in panda..how hard would it be to ignore something like this  TEST SALES PAGE LINK (no buy buttons)

That page right there literally is the difference between zero sales and thousands of dollars. Is it a lil bit salesy? Yes.. But you do not make sales to strangers by being passive. You HAVE to get their attention and you HAVE to keep it while telling them what they are gonna get. This is why you see sales pages like this everywhere. They work. Plain and simple.

Here is another example of a super focused page, but with video. SALES PAGE.


Getting Affiliates To Send People To Your Page

Okay, you got a amazing product with a huge market! You have a insanely seductive sales page. But shit… How are you gonna get people on this landing page …Or even better,  get people recommending your product?


I know a ton of people who read this blog are really into marketing other peoples products. However, can you imagine if you flipped the tables? What if a ton of creditable people sent out emails to a list of over 20,000 interested  people recommending your product? Holy shit…

This is exactly what we have done with Panda Dundee. You would be amazed how many people will sell your products if you offer them a 50%+ commission. The craziest thing though is that a lot of email list convert at close to 10% (even higherif  the people are sent to a great sales page) Here is some quick math to really drive this home

10% of 20,000 = 2000. If you sell 2,000 products at 20 bucks a pop and include the affiliate commission (50%).. That is 20,000 dollars… Straight into your pocket. Now imagine if you released 3 products a month… Holy crap.


So, Lets Recreate The IM Equation For Money


Lol… That, in a nut shell, is the process we followed to to set up Panda Dundee for success. If you combine all 4 of those factor you are going to have a hard time flopping a product on the internet.

Panda Dundee is launching tomorrow, so I will be following up this post with another based on how to sell your product post-launch tomorrow. See you then!