The 11 Hour Ranking Strategy…That BEATS The Snot Out Of My Old 24 Hour Ranking Strategy.


If you noticed I have been kind of quiet lately

The truth is..Even though I hate to admit it..

After my many successes I still can get surprised by Google

As you probably already know, I have heavily relied on networks to rank new sites..

On top of this the new algorithm change has left us all scratching our heads.

This left me with quite a lot of work to do..Not just for me, but for you as well.

There is good news though. I have cracked the new code and have again gotten back to ranking my sites in less than 24 hour WITHOUT networks. I also plan on sharing it all with you..

Mad Scientist Mode – Top In 24 Hours

The reason I have been so quiet is because I have been..Busy..

I have been talking to every SEO expert I know, black hat and white hat. I have been reading any scrap of SEO strategy I can get my hands on. On top of this I have bought about 20 domains and tested several different SEO strategies on each one. This has cost me around a grand in testing tools, fiverr packages and info from some marketers secret vaults.

I have had only one goal the past few weeks. Rank a site in 24 hour and make it stick WITHOUT blog networks.

Well…after extensive testing I have came up with a new strategy. Its doing a little better then my old one though. Here are the results for a 2k searches/month product based search. (Product based keywords are super easy to monetize)

Top 5 For A Profitable Keyword In 11 Hours =)

Here Are Some Other Sites I Used This Strategy On

If you can do it once, you should be able to do it 3 times right?


Right now, you have to understand. I am ____ing excited.

It is 2 am right now and I am WIDE wake writing this for you.

Me after seeing the results of this strategy..

This is because I finally have a rock solid strategy to give to you in this time of shaky SEO. I love seeing people have success with this blog. So when I heard about the networks crashing, it became my personal goal to create a new strategy BEFORE it became a problem.

As of right now, my main network (Blog Blueprint) still works. I do not think it will work for much longer though, so it was very important for me to get you a strategy BEFORE it blows up. As of right now, even if you used my affiliate link, I encourage you to cancel your subscription to this network.

Now that you know the “why”..Lets get to the how!


My New 11 Hour Ranking Strategy..Step By Step

The first thing I want to get to is why this strategy works. I also would like to let you know that NO ONE, is using a strategy quite like this at the moment. I took a lot of theories and strategies being talked about, then turned them in a step by step blueprint for fast rankings.

The principle behind all this is how Google deals with viral sites.

Think about it for a sec. When a site goes viral, it means it gains RAPID popularity on the internet FAST. This means MILLIONS of people will be searching for it..Right?

So, wouldn’t it be a HUGE problem if Google could not pick up on sites going viral and rank them quickly. They failed to do this in the past, and in turn lost MASSIVE ground to Facebook and Twitter.

Google is NOT okay with this. So, in order for them to stay relevant they would have to update their algorithm to give viral sites a high priority.

Well guess what they have been doing the last few patches…

You know all that hinting at Social media links I have been doing on the forums? Well, that is exactly what I have been testing. The results are in, and yes..Google is watching Twitter, Facebook, and Google + like a hawk.

Now since we know this, what do you think a TON of backlinks+social media buzz equals. A SITE GOING VIRAL!

Now I am not saying go CRAZY with your links. But, if you mimic the pattern of a site going viral, Google will make it their highest priority to get you on the first page.

Pretty cool eh?

My New Backlink Sources

(READ THIS: I will be holding another free webinar for all list members this Wednesday explaining this new strategy. It is far easier to explain live)

You can sign up for our list HERE

Like I said before I have broken away from blog networks completely. I am now using an entirely different set of backlinks. These links are also based around the sites Google loves the most right now.

(These links are also all offered at my newly launched link exchange Source Links)

Comment Links– These links are AWESOME. But not for you main site. I will show you how I am using these a little bit later on. I am actually noticing these have little to no fast effects on new sites. Long term, they work. But I am all about FAST.

Wiki Links – These links are stupid powerful if you use them the right way. The secret is to make about 25-50 when you are first making your site, and then blast them with comment links. People link to wikis, then wikis link to sites. That is the natural order of things.

2.0 Profile Links– 2.o links are profile links created on 2.0 sites. By themselves, they are somewhat weak. However, if you use them just like the wiki links they gain a ton of juice very quickly.

Social Bookmarks– These are the only links I have kept from my old strategy. People bookmark home pages of websites. It is what social bookmarks are for. These links are still very powerful, as long as you do not abuse them.

Ezine Article, 2.0 Blogs ETC– Old school manual links. These are still killer base links. Always try to use these!

My Social Sources

Creating these is just the first step. I will show you how to use them in a sec. I create all of the following

Facebook Fan Page

Twitter Page

A Google plus fan page

Youtube Fan Page

Youtube Vide0

A Deviant Art Profile

A Delicious profile


Get your sites link on every page where it asks for your website URL. On top of this try to get your keyword in the title or name of the page.


Wrapping It All Together

I know a lot of people are doing something similar to this, and then just blasting their fan pages with comment/forum links. Do not bother. It does not work if you just do that. It is also like telling the Google cops you are planning on committing arson…Sending Google to empty fan pages is a bad idea. This is why I have not met anyone who has had success with the Google Detonator strategy that came out a few weeks ago.

The secret is to totally mimic a site going viral. Here are my steps

Step 1 : Put a Tweet, Like, and + 1 plug in on your main domain. (I am using the Twitter Facebook Social Share plug in)

Step 2: Go to Source Links or Fiverr. Buy a social media packages that send likes, +1’s and re tweets to your URL. (Yes these matter now). You want to get buzz from all 3 sides. Buy the packages that offer the most likes.

Step 3:Make all the fan pages on the sites I listed above. Now, get at least 100 likes, followers, and +1’s to the pages. This gives the pages power.

Step 4: Tweet/Comment/Whatever the following pages : Your Youtube, Deviant Art, Delicious, Ezines and Free Blogs. This gives them social link juice.

Step 5: Blast your FB, Twitter page and Google plus with 10,000 comments (You can get this at Source Links or Fiverr)

Step 6: Now that your site look like it is exploding virally, it is time to start sending links from it from a news type authority source. (AKA Wiki sites). Create 25 Wiki links to your main page

Step 7: Now we want it to look like people are spreading it from social 2.0s. Create 25 2.0 links pointing at your site

Step 8: Send 10,000 comments to your 2.0s and Wikis. This simulates people going to larger sites and then finding your site (aka how viral sites are found)

Step 9: The final thing people do when they find a site is social bookmark it. Create 100 social bookmarks.


All done! This is a weee bit more work than my prior “Stealth Dragon Strategy”, but it pays off big time. Remember, I will be going through all this next Wed (Apr 11, 2012) live at our next list only webinar. Check your email for the invite.


By the way. Since I love naming my strategies. I deem this the..

Smug Pooch Of Justice Method (SPoJ)

Google Makes Smug Dog Smile

The Programs I Am Using

So far my 3 tools of link surgery are

-Scrape box

-Extreme Wiki Blaster

Rank Leap

-Bookmarking Demon


So far I am absolutely loving them as well. I HIGHLY encourage you to pick them up so you do not have to rely on Source Links or Fiverr totally..(Saves a lot of money in the long run as well)

WAIT THOUGH. I have some ways to get some of these tools for next to nothing. I will be sharing this at the upcoming Webinar.


So..That Is What I Have Been Up To

Sorry for the short leave. I am now going to be pumping post out regularly and have opened up the doors private coaching once more . If you have any new questions about this be absolutely sure to hit me up in the comments section.

Tills next time..You rock!