My First $15,000 Day + How To Make Your Products SELL On Crazy Levels

What is up guys. If you were following the Panda Dundee: Total SEO Guide launch the closing revenue after 24 hours of being was a whopping 15,234 dollars. (of course this is not all mine, but this is the revenue our product generated)

But Thats  Not What I’m Really Excited About Though…

When I got into Internet Marketing my goal was the create a passive income and simply enjoy life. Like with a lot of people the first year just SUCKED . All my sites failed, my adsense got banned (reinstated now) and I mis-invested thousands.

However, this last month my goal is finally starting to come true. Aside from the product launch, I had my first almost passive 400+ dollar day off my sites and my automatic email lists.

And with all of this, I have been able to start paying for my sisters college and helping my family out WHILE being able to support myself..its effing awesome

On top of that, the coolest thing is that I can also share exactly how I did this with you guys without needing anything in return. I think a income that allows me to do that is pretty special. =D

So anyhoo…Like promised in the last post lets get into the product launch and why it was so successful.

The Secret To Creating Products That SELL


I know that may have been a little bit confusing, but I will be breaking all of it down into insane detail in the coming post. Also, I will be doing an interview with the guy who made this amount of sales possible Alex Cass sometime next week. Get excited. Check your email newsletter to for the next awesome SEO strategy email coming out.

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(Also if you have not checked or are not sure about Panda Dundee:The Total SEO Guide, go HERE and  read the awesome reviews people are giving it.)