6000 Reasons Why Product Creation Is Awesome (Step 1 In the 10k Series)

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What is up guys, Becker here…

Its day one. The first step. The plunge in the pool. (insert another weird analogy) So without further due, lets get straight into the big question

6000 Reasons Why Product Creation is A Good Idea

I could sit here and list off a 1000 reasons why marketing your own product is the way to go.. However, I will just make my point with some simple math.

Say you have a site that gets 1000 visitors a day and it is about weight loss. Your adsense CPC is 50 cents a click (pretty average). At a 10% click rate (this is a high click rate) this would be your income.

100(10% click rate)x .50= 50 dollars a day (that’s 1500 a month!)

Pretty good right? Lets look at the same site with a product on it

So lets say, we get decide to make a product for the site. We pay a guy to writes an ebook on weight loss and charge 10 dollars a pop for it. Lets also assume we SUCK at selling this book so it only has a tiny 2% conversion rate from the site (remember the site gets 1000 people a day). At this conversion rate our income would be…

20 a day(2% conversion)x 10= 200 bucks a day…6000 dollars a month…

Convinced? =D

Like I said in the video, this first part is all about recognizing the potential customer base that your current sites (or future ventures) might have.. This is about 10 times harder than adsense though because of 1 thing

With Adsense, the person only has something to gain by clicking on the ad. Your job stops at the click. When it comes to selling something, you have to convince someone to literally give up there cash in return for something. There for, your job is not to get someone to click something…It is to convince them that what you are selling is worth far more than their cash.

The First Step: Recognizing What Your Traffic Is Looking For

So take a step back and look at the keywords you are targeting. Think about why someone would go to google and type the search in.

For example, one of my sites http://howtodrawahorse.net/ ranks top 5 (its dancing right now, so it might not) for a 22k search. Obviously, someone who searches How to

Draw a Horse wants to learn how to draw a horse (DUR). So, I stepped back and thought about who would be the most likely person to buy my product.


To help with this I looked at all the searches relevant to my keyword. Here are some that stuck out.

How to draw a horse for kids (Obviously this traffic would be mostly parents.. Parents have money)

How to Draw a Horse Step by Step ( I saw a lot of searches like this. People are looking for a step by step guide to drawing a horse)

Teach Kids How To Draw a Horse (Again, parent looking to teach their kids how to draw)

Now there were also a bunch of searches that were a lot less specific. However, after looking at all the searches and using common sense I can conclude that the traffic that comes to my site is made up of.

  • Kids wanting to draw horses
  • Bored people looking for free drawing guides
  • People looking for a way to teach their kids how to draw
  • People who want a step by step guide.

Out of all these types of people who do you think would be the easiest to sell to…

  • Kids do not have money or know how to buy things online.(Bad Traffic)
  • Bored random traffic will not be interested in buying anything. (Bad Traffic)

However, parents and people looking for a step by step guide have a very specific problem. Since the problem is very specific, there is a good chance they will be willing to pay money to solve it. Parents also have money to spend on their children.

Thus, I now I have my target

Now I am willing to bet that this type of person makes up 5-10% of my traffic. All I have left to do is figure out how to sell to them..and I will be banking. My site is currently not receiving a ton of traffic. However, after implementing the sales page it went from zero dollars a day to 10-20 INSTANTLY.

How You Can Apply This

Sit back and imagine all the types of people that may come to your site. Look at all the searches that are relevant to your keyword (because  I guarantee a lot of those people are spilling over to your site) Narrow these types of people down to the person with the most specific problems and the most likely to spend money to solve it.

Here are examples a very specific problems that people would be willing to pay money to solve.

I need to get rid of this blackhead by tommorrow

I need to lose 5 pounds in 3 days

I need to cure sweaty palms with home remedies

How can I teach my children to draw a horse in a simple way

I need to cook dinner tonight with leftover turkey

These are the type of problems the traffic coming to your site might have. Do some research and identify traffic like this, and then target them exclusively.

Selling a product online is like hunting ducks that are wearing body armor. If you try to target all of them at once using a shotgun, you wont knock down a single duck. However, if you get a laser cannon and target one duck at a time…your gonna shoot down a lot of duckys =D

-Becker (Yes, I quote myself!)

So what now?

Start doing the research to identify this traffic. Next week I am going to be getting into how to create a product quickly and cheaply to target the traffic I talked about

Till then, Keep Linkin!

Becker =D

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