Get To 60k a Year…In 2 Weeks?

Hey guys Becker here,

You Gotta Play This While You Read

I am in a pretty good mood because I just deposited a a couple checks totaling almost 5000 dollars into my bank account..

The funny thing is they were not from adsense…they were not from clickbank… hell they were not even generated by MY websites.

Check 1 was from a Dentist named Greg

Check 2 was from a MMA Gym owner

Check 3 was from a lawyer named Matt

What the F…

Why the fu*k are random people paying me  5 figure checks?

Lets Do Some Math

Gregs average client can make him over 5,000+ over their customer lifetime

The MMA Gym owner can increase his yearly income by 6,000 by bringing in and keeping 5 new clients

The lawyer can easily make 10k from a ONE TIME client

The Big Picture

Ranking a easy non competitive keyword that has 300-1000 search a month (Lawyers in Abilene Texas)  will do VERY little for me. However, if a lawyers website ranks for that keyword and he has a very low 1% conversion rate it could possibly earn him a extra 10k+ a month

(Maybe I should be a lawyer =P  )


Can you see why a business owner would gladly pay me a few thousand dollars to do simple SEO for him when it pays for itself and then some..

Now Get This

It literally only took me 2 whole weeks to bring in these clients by making a few phone calls. On top of this it MAYBE took me 5 hours of SEO work to full fill ALL of their contracts.

So this made me wonder… Why the fuck am was I spending months trying to rank for tough keywords that MIGHT make me 500-1000 a month, when I could be ranking for easy keywords that will consistently make this kinda of money.

How you can do this too

So, in nature of this blog I want to share exactly how I did this for the sum of free. This method does not require you to be an SEO expert or do anything really that extraordinary. If you have ranked a semi competitive keywords on the 2nd page of Google or understand the basics on SEO your ready to do this.

Step 1: Find Potential Clients

(Very Simple)

  • Alright, go to Google. Type in your local area+a business (that has a high value per customer).
  • Go the the second page of google. Find a businesses website that in there. Look at the site, see if it could use some improvement (remember a lot of businesses could use a new website as well.)
  • Find a competing business in the same niche that is ranking highly and write it down.
  • Find that businesses contact information…Boom you have a potential client

Step 2: Get A Meeting

Look the last thing you want to do is try to sell some one over the phone. 99% of the time you will have zero success because it is impossible to do that much convincing via the phone. Here is what I have been doing

  • Introduce your self casually and ask for whoever is in charge of advertising
  • When you get them on the phone mention that when you were using Google you noticed they are no where to be found on the first page for relevant keywords
  • Show them that  their competition that is ranking on the first page and explain how that they are drastically cutting into their potential profits
  • Explain to him that you are able to solve the problem and ask if he would be interested in scheduling a free meeting to go over a few solutions.


Step 3: Selling At The Meeting

The worst thing I think you can do when you go to a meeting is make it even a wee bit salesy. Dress nice, but right from the get go talk to the business owner as a friend would to a friend. Business owners are approached by 1000 scummy sales men a day, rise above that shit and they will appreciate it.


Do not go in there with a briefcase or mention selling shit right away.

Do not refer to him as sir and all that gay shit. Do not be a bitch (your a consultant and head of your own business…not some sales boy).

Be warm and casual (I have cussed in every single one of my meetings).

And Follow These steps

  • Shoot the shit with them a bit, if they have pictures or stuff that they are obviously interested in their office talk about that. A business owner had a guitar picture in his office and we talked for 15 minutes about guitars, by the time we were done he pretty much already had his checkbook out.
  • Explain how they are losing business by ranking low in Google and then in the  simplest way possible explain how you can help (EX I do online marketing, basically I can get you from here (page two) to here (page 1) . This will get your more customers, if you can handle it *lol* )
  • After this almost every owner will ask how much this will cost. What I have found works best is to explain to them that you run your own business and usually get away charging a arm and a leg for this service. However since they are in the local area and you are here honestly looking to help you will do it for a reasonable price.
  • Walk out with a check and a very excited customer ( Every single one has thanked me for the deal…be sure to get their site login information as well)

Step 4: Rank Their Site Fast

If you read this blog a lot you probably already know what tool I use (Blog Blueprint, you can read my review here). It indexes powerful blog links fast and literally has ranked all my clients sites on the first page in a day or two since the keywords are uncompetitive. Here are my exact steps

  • Log into their site admin and change the on-page SEO to focus on 5 relevant keywords
  • Go into Blog Blueprint and send links to the page for the 5 keywords (4 links for each works)
  • Make an ezine article (overkill)
  • Rinse and repeat 2 days in a row ( That is it….lol)

Step 5: Call The Owner and Set Up a Monthly Maintenance Fee

After about 2 days, BB ranks pretty much any uncompetitive keyword first page. What I do then is call up the business owner and simply show them the results. After that I explain that these rankings will go away pretty fast without monthly maintenance. I then set up a reoccurring fee that is about half of the initial price.


Step 6: Play Video Games

Just like that you have pocketed a 5 figure paycheck and also have a recurring payment for doing VERY little coming in once a month. Pretty simple eh?


Thats.. err…it

That is pretty much all I got for you guys today. Hopefully this has put some ideas on your head to what you can do with all that SEO knowledge you have in your head. The best thing is most businesses need MUCH more than just SEO services (site redesign, facebook fan pages, and email marketing campaigns)

So get out there and err…make money =D

I am going to be sending a list of the easiest business niches to to sell to via our newsletter…Get on it =D