97% of Internet Marketers Are Doomed Because of Headlines..

Hey guys Becker, enjoy the ferrets

The One Weird Trick That Leads to Massive Success..

Did you also know I could write about ferrets for the rest of this post and over 70% of you would still keeping reading?

The ferret is a domesticated mammal of the type Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets are sexually dimorphic predators with males being substantially larger than females. They typically have brown, black, white, or mixed fur. They have an average length of 20 inches and have a natural lifespan of 7 to 10 years.


Still Reading? Wanna Know Why?

Yes, you just read about a ferret on an internet marketing blog…Why? Because I piqued your curiosity and got your attention. However, while I am quite fond of ferrets I am actually trying to demonstrate one of the biggest mistakes I see people making online.

People are creating websites with AWESOME content, however they are failing to convert people who come to their site because they forgot the golden rule of talking to people.

In Order To Get People To Listen.. You Must Have Their Attention

The cold hard truth is people are not going to read your content, buy your products or give you their email until you pique their interest. You can have the best content in the whole world, but it is time to face the facts. The internet is full of shit and people have the attention span of gnats because of it. If you do not communicate to them what they are gonna get in an interesting way with in 5 seconds you are effed. Period.

This is why the titles of your post and the headlines on your website are so INSANELY important when it comes to converting new visitors. Look at the stats I collected  for three post titles on college flirt.

How to Do It Like Me– 82% bounce rate from Google traffic

How To Flirt With Girls: 51% Bounce Rate

Insanely Easy Way to Meet Girls At Parties– 22% Bounce rate from Google Traffic

Why There Was Such A Drastic Difference

When I first saw these stats, it became blatantly obvious. Imagine what a new visitor thought when he looked at these titles

How To Do it Like Me– Well this site looks cool. Umm, what is this post about? Who is this guy? Why do I want to do it like him. I have no clue what this post is about. *Bounce*

How to Flirt With Girls– Well, I am pretty busy today. Yeah, this post is about flirting with girls. I mean..that is cool, but I have probably read 1000 other articles just like this. It seems pretty generic. I do not need to read this *Bounce*

Insanely Easy Way To Meet Girls At Parties– Hmm, College Flirt.. What is this all about. Insanely Easy Way to Meet Girls At Parties? Well, this post is about meeting girls at parties.. I do go to parties a lot. Insanely Easy? That is a little dramatic, but this might be worth checking out..After all..I do not want to miss out. Maybe I will give it a chance *Clicks post*


Think About it..

Next time you are creating a post or making the home page for your site do NOT think about it from your point of view. Think about it from a brand new visitors perspective (remember he has NO idea who you are or what your site is about). This is never more true than with traffic generated by google. Think about all the times you bounced from a page you found via a search because it did not catch your attention right away.

So, when you are adding content to your site remember the headlines and titles are JUST AS IMPORTANT as the SEO you put into the site. The longer people stay on your site the more likely they are to buy your products and click your ads.(especially if you get them excited) Case closed.


Here are some examples of bad and good headlines

Acne Niche

Information On Black Head Creams vs The Black Head Destroying Cream That Cured My Acne In 3 Days

Weight Loss Niche

Diets That Promote Weight Loss vs Quick and Easy Meals That Make Losing Weight A Breeze

Recipes Niche

Good Salad Recipes vs The Last Salad Recipes You Will Ever Need

Internet Marketing Niche

A Cool New SEO Tool vs The Tool That Cut My Cost by Over 500% (literally)


A Wee Bit Over dramatic?

You bet your ass they are. I know that this is slightly manipulative and could be viewed as sales mannish. Take a step back though and remember what you are doing online. You are tying to get people you do NOT know and who care zero about you to do what you want (click your ads, buy your product, subscribe to your email). The only way to do this is with the words you use and the feelings you create.

You have to , HAVE TO, HAVE TO remember newcomers on your site do not know your a good guy. They do not know your product is pure value! They do not even know if your site even applies to them. It is your job to communicate ALL OF THIS, and the best way to get started is by grabbing their attention.

The Emotions  You Need To Create

You want your reader to feel like they might miss out if they do not click your content. You want them to feel like they will benefit. You need to let them know this applies to them.

Think about this posts headline. Are you an Internet Marketer?(Yes) Do you want to be doomed? (Hopefully not) Would it great to not be in the 97% of doomed dudes (YES) Are you interested in a way to solve this problem if it is easy (umm hell yes)

The Point I Am Trying to Make

Stop using titles as labels and start using them as a way to communicate the awesomeness that awaits your target audience. I shit you not, titles and headlines literally are the difference between struggling to create sales and dominating a market.

So, jump out of the 97% of failing internet marketers and start using this SIMPLE trick to improve your success online…..( You can now tell me to go to F myself =P )