Save Hundreds on Getting Spinable Articles for Backlinks

I’ve been using Vitavee’s $5 a month mini “ultra spinable articles” for 2 months now (EDIT: coupon has expired, they are $17 now, but he has 2 new ones with coupons for $5 each). They seem to work very well when used with Article/Blog networks like UAW and AR. Basically every day, excluding weekends, you will receive an article with a title and 5 paragraphs each with 2 levels of spin syntax. Currently he only offers them for the IM and health & weight loss niche but this will probably expand quickly. They are at $17 but if you use the coupon code that he shares in his warrior forum thread (6ECD3BE9CF) you can get them for $5 which makes this easily worth a try in my eyes. I’ve been using the health niche ones and here is an example of the first paragraph of one I received a few weeks ago.

Example of spinning in 1 paragraph:

{As we all {know|fully understand|realize}, there are {multitudes of|countless} {approaches|tactics|techniques} and methods on the market for {losing weight|reducing weight|burning fat}.|It is {certainly|surely|definitely} no secret that there are just a ton of ways {available|readily available|offered} to help people {lose weight|lose fat|shed weight}.|There has {literally|virtually|practically} got to be hundreds of {various|different} kinds of {products|solutions} of all kinds for {weight loss|dieting|slimming} and {fat burning|fat loss}.} {There is no end to the {new|latest} products being {designed|developed|created} to burn fat, {increase|enhance|boost} {metabolism|metabolic rate} and do it all very {quickly|rapidly}.|It {seems|appears} just about every month {there is|there exists|there’s} a new product {tailor made|customized} to get it done {fast|swiftly}.|{Getting|Acquiring|Obtaining} quick results is {a result|an end result|an outcome} of marketing, and every new product that {comes out|is released|arrives} tries to {beat|do better than} the other in terms of speed.} {{However|But|Yet}, there is a {method|process|technique} that we all have {probably|possibly|most likely} {heard|learned|read} about, and it is very old.|Yet we want to {discuss|examine|talk about} one proven {method|approach} that is {extremely|particularly|really} old and of course works {very well|exceptionally well|well}.|One {particular|unique|specific} approach has {truly|actually|genuinely} stood the test of time {simply|merely|basically} because it has been around for all time, it {seems|would seem|appears}.} {In fact, fasting {appears|is found|shows up} in some of the oldest books that still {exist|are present|can be found}, today.|You can {find|come across|locate} references to fasting in {many|several} books some of which are truly very old.|{Of course|Naturally|Needless to say} we have all {heard about|been aware of} fasting, and it has been used for {various|different|numerous} {purposes|uses|reasons} for thousands of years.} {{Although|Despite the fact that|Even though} it usually is not mentioned for the {purpose|goal} of {weight loss|losing weight|weight reduction}.|{But|Although|Yet} granted, there were {probably|almost certainly|most likely} not too many {overweight|obese} people thousands of years ago.|We {must|need to|should} admit, though, that obesity is a {relatively|comparatively|fairly} recent social {problem|condition|issue}.} {{But still|But nevertheless|But nonetheless}, fasting has been around for {many|a lot of|numerous} centuries.|Yet, the {important|significant|essential} thing to note is that fasting has been {in use|utilized|used} for countless ages.|If you want to talk about longevity and {reliability|dependability} of {technique|approach|method}, then you cannot {dismiss|write off|discount} fasting so {easily|simply|quickly}.} {It is an approach that can {work well|work effectively|work nicely} if it is done {properly|appropriately|correctly} and with the right {combination|mixture} of sound health {practices|habits|routines}.|Fasting can be very {powerful|potent} and effective, but it must be {properly|correctly} {implemented|applied}.|You can get {terrific|great|fantastic} results with the right {kind|form|type} of fasting, and you can even {amplify|boost|enhance} the effects in combination with {proven|verified|established} healthy habits.}

which gives :

There has practically got to be hundreds of different kinds of solutions of all kinds for weight loss and fat loss. There is no end to the new products being designed to burn fat, enhance metabolic rate and do it all very rapidly. However, there is a method that we all have possibly learned about, and it is very old. Needless to say we have all been aware of fasting, and it has been used for various purposes for thousands of years. Even though it usually is not mentioned for the goal of weight loss. But nonetheless, fasting has been around for a lot of centuries. It is an approach that can work effectively if it is done properly and with the right mixture of sound health routines.

or even:

It is certainly no secret that there are just a ton of ways offered to help people shed weight. It seems just about every month there’s a new product customized to get it done swiftly. However, there is a process that we all have possibly learned about, and it is very old. You can find references to fasting in many books some of which are truly very old. Although granted, there were almost certainly not too many overweight people thousands of years ago. If you want to talk about longevity and reliability of approach, then you cannot dismiss fasting so quickly. It is an approach that can work well if it is done properly and with the right mixture of sound health habits.


ultra spinable minis reviewYou can see that he does sentence spinning and some word spinning. I personally think sentence spinning is key because search engines have algorithms to detect synonyms so if you only do word spinning I don’t think you are truly making a “unique” content in their eyes. The way I use these articles is I usually make my own title with spin syntax so that my articles will have completely unique titles. Also, on networks like AR I will add a 6th paragraph randomly in the article that I will add all my URL’s to and spin myself on a word level using TBS. This makes it easy to add your own URL’s (if not you’ll have to dig in 2 levels of spinning and add your URL’s around…). On a network like UAW I simply use these same articles and my ressource box has my URL’s anyway. What I think makes these work for me since a lot of people use them is that they will have unique content from you in addition to the unique titles I give my articles. On AR it will have the small paragraph with my URL’s while on UAW it will have the unique resource box.

I tried this for a couple of keywords that I only promoted using these articles with the networks I use most and I saw ranking improvements so it does seem that even though many people use these articles they stand out as unique enough to give “backlink juice” for your site. If you are not in those niches you might still want to give them a try, you can still rank using unrelated articles with your keywords inside as backlinks. Usually since I have someone write articles for me I ask them to write on the topic of the website that article will be used to link to but that’s not necessary (even if I think as things move forward Google will be able to put more weight on related backlinks to the articles).

Oh and warning, do not use them for article websites like ezine or buzzle that require unique content, they will detect it. Either way, these are meant for mass distribution of articles at a very inexpensive rate. I usually pay $2 for a 300 word article and $2 for my employee to add spin syntax to it.

Here’s the link to the WSO if you are interested.

He currently has these 4 options:

IM Articles ($17)

Health & Weight Loss ($17)

Green Living Articles ($5)

Electronic Product Reviews (Amazon products mostly, $5)