Alex’s April Income Report – New backlink services being tested.

Things are getting interesting, without really working much on my older site they seem to be rising up in rankings :). Pretty much 90% of my time is on this blog or my new websites so it’s always great to see my past work still increasing in earnings. My highest day in April was $138. Since then, because this post is late I had some May days and I almost reached $150 in a single day too :). My goal for mid 2011 was an average of $150 a day, I think I will probably reach it, especially once my new websites start ranking.


april adsense income report

so $2978 from Adsense,

$20 CPA offer

$127 Amazon

$44 Clickbank (wow that went down a lot… My site that was making good adsense money and some clickbank product sales lost some ranking this month)

$80 Infolinks

$180 Keyword Academy commissions.

$70 Article Ranks

Total of $3,300

I also got a some $$ off hosting commissions off hostgator done this month but they want 3 months before releasing payment, so I’ll add those to my total report when I actually receive it…

I won’t go into details of my expenses but beyond hosting expenses + ~$80 for articles + the usual networks such as UAW/TKA I’ve been trying new linking services now that are more hands off. They are expensive but at this point my time is starting to be more important for me, so I tried out Linxboss at $147 and this “SEOnuking” service at $200.

linxboss backlinksLinxboss in the basic subscription allows 5 domains to receive backlinks from their service and sends 200 backlinks to each domain (so a total of 1000) per month with the anchor text you specify. To properly test it I have sent some links to one of my very new websites and the rest to my older ones. I saw ranking increases on my new website when I started using it (already page 2-3 for it’s keyword) so it definitely does help in rankings at this point. I’m also trying it on 4 of my older websites because they have a “LINK 4 LINK” system which means in addition to the 200 backlinks per domain, they will build backlinks to backlinks already pointing to your website! Obviously this won’t help my new website (for now) since it only has Linxboss links but for the other domains I’m interested in seeing how much this helps. Oh ya, a cool feature they have is they also track all your keywords in the search engines so you can see their respective rankings before you started using this service and see the increase over the weeks.

Seonuking is basically having an assistant doing 5 Senuke submissions to web 2.0s with links to your website and between them. Some of these submissions are “trow away networks” that will only have one article on the web 2.0s and the others will be constantly re-used and have new articles every now and then. If you have a subscription to the mini articles that I explained in this post, they also basically take care of finding the articles with spin syntax and add your keywords to them.They also create some long term style web 2.0 networks that they repost to every other day. Also, they submit your articles to UAW/AR/MAN (my article network, another good article distribution service that works decently from my tests but with less results than UAW or AR). Anyway, I definitely saw some increase which was already a given considering I knew UAW and AR work very well. Honestly, I think if you are looking for more time to put into internet marketing this service is really helpful especially if you are not currently playing for any of the 3 mentioned article networks, they easily add up to $150+ per month by themselves and you still have to do the work yourself… I cannot accurately say how much their SEnuke promotions are helping since the same keywords are used for the multiple article networks but….

I’m hiring my first full time VA to help me with linkbuilding and many other tasks this month. It’s going to cost me $500/month or so and I’ll probably have him do the Senuking style web 2.0 submissions in a way that I think will work better amongst his many tasks and I’ll test with keywords I only use web 2.0 networks to rank for to really see how much they help. He will also submit my spinned articles to the multiple networks that I use since it takes a bit of preparation to submit them for each individual network as shown in my previous video post. I think I’ll also have him review sites like flippa to maybe search for websites I would like to buy in my spare time.


Most of April’s work was finishing the keyword research for my new websites that were registered in March /early April to make sure I had all the articles I want for them lined up. I also started building backlinks to some of them using linxboss/seonuking as previously mentioned.  I’ll be using my usual networks on the others without any backlinks very soon. My new websites are already ranking quite well, some on them are already on page 2 for the keywords I’m targeting so I’m gonna have to give them a nice Artisteer theme soon and think about adding adsense and/or CPA offers to them  soon. It also took me a while to find a VA and figure out all the tasks I want him to do, that’s mostly figured out now.

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