Alex Income Report for May – Almost breaking 5k!

Wow, for many reasons in May my income jumped quite a bit. I reached a new adsense milestone and income from most sources also increased :).

Here’s the breakdown:

may adsense income report
$3700 from adsense
$103 from infolinks
$98 clickbank sales
$116 Amazon sales


Earnings from affiliate links on this site:

$455 from
$80 from SEMrush
$60 AR
$245 TKA
$44 AMR sale on clickbank

$884 from this website

Total of $4917!

I finally reached my summer goal of $150/day :). Wow, what an increase. The bluehost income comes from the first month of this website, they take 3 months before sending money because they won’t pay affiliates if someone cancels their hosting account within 3 months so I figured I would only add it when it’s actually sent. The big increase though is from adsense and it was quite amazing because I still haven’t added adsense to any website I created in 2011 or late 2010 (though I did finally add it to a website that’s starting to show on page 1 now this past week and it made $15 yay). Considering I probably was working less than 10% of my time on my old websites it’s great to see them increase in revenue even if I’m not actively doing much on them. Most of my time and my new VA’s time is spent creating content/figuring how I’ll create content. I’m trying a 100% product website on a new product that came out, not many keywords are usable because they aren’t really in Google adwords tool yet.

new linkwheel exampleA lot of what I’m doing these days is trying out some new linking strategies and creating massive content/web 2.0 networks with my VA’s help. I takes a while because we are semi manually uploading spun content to a lot of them and slowly linking some of them together in a pretty crazy fashion. You can see an example of one on the image. Not sure how effective this is yet, but a lot of people like to promote multiple tier of backlinks as services out there and I figured if it works I might as well create my own and see for myself. So I use mostly unique article directories (ezine,hubpage, squidoo, infobarrel) and web 2.0s (wordpress,blogger, etc) that all mainly link to one web 2.0 that ends up linking to my main website.

Profile links

I’ve been trying profile links for a while now by using sick submitter and I’ll probably give a review about it soon enough. I’ve been using it since February and had seen some good results previously but then panda came along and I wasn’t sure if I could replicate the results since profile links apparently have been demoted in effectiveness and I had to re-do tests on different websites/keywords that didn’t have any other backlinks and it takes a while to set up these tests because I like to have a variety of new websites and old websites of different competition levels that have never had backlinks created to them and also that have had some backlinks made to them (and maybe they are on the first page of google) but that did not receive any new ones ( at least from me) in 2+ months. Anyway, I’ll wait a bit longer before giving the results and my review on sick submitter but I just decided to put it into more use to create profile links to a lot of my web 2.0s.

Blog comment links

I’m also trying out scrapebox for that purpose but to create blog comments to my web 2.0s. I never had success doing blog comments to my main money pages and it seemed like a waste of time compared to simply doing article mkt but now that I have a VA I might as well give it a try. I’m also trying AMR/UAW to my web 2.0s, we’ll see what happens and if it does anything. I’m also doing a bit of manual blog comments on high PR do follow blogs, I never felt it was useful for ranking BUT it did give some of my websites that I tried it on PR3-5 (I also made some Pr2-3 web 2.0s!)Β  so I figured it might be a good idea to try it out on my web 2.0s, that way I can create high PR blogs without having to spend $100-400 for them by buying aged domains….


happy faceAlso, I’ve been using a virtual private server (VPS) that has windows on it where me and my VA can login from anywhere. I put all my software on it and let me tell you, I’m never going back :). Not only can I log on it from my main computer, laptop or iPhone but you can make it run so many programs without slowing down your main computer, it’s awesome and even if I stopped using a VA I would keep the VPS going forward. $30 a month for 2gig of ram, I might make a post on it later on if some others are interested (let me know in the comments).

For those wondering about new expenses, my VA is $500/month and I also bought private proxies for $20/month to use alongside the $30/month windows VPS.

Future content for this blog

Anyway, I have not posted much on this blog in terms of new articles in May, I might post a bit more in June. A few articles/videos I have in mind are making an artisteer video and also a post on directory submissions. I’ve been doing directory submissions for a few months now with good results thanks to a great software, My VA just did some more for a few of my new websites that will only have directory links ( I previously only did it on 5+ month old websites) just to see if it helps newer sites too, I’ll probably wait another week or 2 to make sure things look good and release the results/review post.

Some other things

– Release a linxboss review (been at least 2 months that I have used it)

– Release a review of a really good article service that I’ve been using for many months that noone talks about yet it’s highly efficient, really odd. I guess affiliate people are the ones that promote a product the most instead of by results because I tried this service for almost all my websites by now and I always saw good results and it’s quite cheap (half the cost of UAW).

– Re-evaluation of UAW. I think it’s not as good as it used to be at least when I re-use it for websites that I have used it many times in the past, which I’ve tested a motnh and a half ago and barely saw ranking increases on previously “virgin” pages with 0 backlinks (but part of one of my bigger blogs that are 6+ months old that has amny pages ranking thanks to UAW and other tools). I suppose it’s normal since all the websites probably have links to my own but with AMR nowadays probably carrying at least half of UAW’s article websites I might just ditch it completely in the future, it is $67/month or so. Better yet, I’ll probably just use it once a month every 3 months or so for new websites or web 2.0s… We’ll see, for now I’ll keep it and try it on new websites without any links and websites that I’ll use AMR FIRST and then UAW which I think would be a very interesting test…

Case study website is sandboxed πŸ™

I also had a case study website, 5 pages and making $5/day with adsense that I wanted to share with people from this website to give you a good idea but for some reason google decided to sandbox it and even after a month it’s still not back to #1. First time it happened that a website I own does not regain it’s position within a week. Really too bad, I even had a friend create an adsense account for it and seperate hosting, oh well. For the fun of it I’m gonna keep doing backlinks to it and see when it pops back up. Super odd but many people get out of the sandbox or weird penalties over time so we’ll see how long it takes for this website!

Future full time income earners on the horizon!

congrats picI’ve received messages from at least 5 people this month in email or PM’s about how they’ve been starting to make a few dollars a day and one person is already at $15+/day after starting around February so major congrats :). This business is all about long term planning and doing work now to reap the benefits later (working your own hours or whatever else you want from IM). I think it’s been proven again this month with my adsense income growing ($3k to 3.7k) despite me not having worked on any of those websites more than 2-4 hours in the last month and a half. I wonder if things will keep growing? Well, if not I do have my new websites that will surely start ranking soon :).