Alex July Income Report And Fun

So, I just got back from my week in Las Vegas and time to get back into work 100%. Becker has been working hard on making the site look nice and starting the newsletter :). I have a few things in mind for this blog to work on this month but I think I will continue doing income reports since I really enjoyed those when I first started reading and learning about IM world and because they allow to give an update on things I have planned for the blog or if my earnings are staying consistent which is what people seem to always worry about.

So, to start off with, here’s my income report for July.

adsense july income report

Adsense $3,119. As you can see from the image, July was a weird roller coaster. The first half of July my 2 biggest websites lost rankings for a few important keywords for no apparent reason. I had many days under $100… even during the week! Things picked up by July 25 when I reached a new milestone of $164 and so far for the first week in August things are very strong. I did a few backlinks to some of these keywords but most of them just got back their “normal” ranking after 2-3 weeks without any “help” from me. I guess I just had a random google dance for a few keywords that happened around the same time.

Clickbank ~$80

Infolinks$202 Wow, infolinks is starting to kick ass for the website I use it on. For some reason it never affected my adsense earnings on that specific website and now it’s starting to have a pretty good ecpm that is beating adsense some days… This site was unaffected by the 2 week Google dance I mentioned in the adsense section.

Amazon $85

CPA offer $30

Total of 3,516 off non internet marketing niches.

Semrush payment $60

Hostgator $675 (big payment, this was from the month of April)

Article Ranks $52

The best spinner $40

The Keyword Academy $295

Total of $1,122 off this website and

Grand total of $4,638.

Not much else to say on this topic :).

Ongoing Case Study

Case StudyI’m currently doing the case study of 5 domains registered at a similar time and each of them contain 5 articles and have aged for about 2 months. One domain is getting backlinks from UAW, the other AMR, the third UAW + AMR, the fourth linkamotion and the fifth Article Samurai. So far only the one with AMR backlinks have breached the top 100… I heard Article Samurai also sends article to the UAW network so ideally it should beat the domain that only has UAW links. We shall see… Since I was in the beta when it was announced I did an article samurai review domain since the EMD was available, I wanted to see how easy/hard it is to rank highly for these launches against other people doing IM and having the EMD’s on the first page. For now Article Samurai is at least $100/month (and will probably go higher once the doors open) and I’m not sure the price is justified. They say they have 50k+ blogs from multiple networks…

Other Things I am Working On

For future posts, I currently am planning on making the beginner guides more user friendly and take the comments into account when I remake them. Becker also suggested to add more videos to them too.

writing an ebook on keyword and niche researchI’m also currently writing a big keyword research ebook that should go much further then just finding keywords but finding a big passion website you must enjoy working on. I currently have a few case studies in it about similar big success websites that I frequently visit related to my various hobbies past and present (and they are not obvious shit like Facebook or Youtube that we all know about). I’m probably not going to give this for free but for a cheap amount, especially for people that follow It’s currently at 5,000 words, not sure when I will complete it, probably after the beginner guides are made more friendly/informative. My goal with this is to kinda judge the interest in a “product” that takes me many hours to complete and also I’m hoping to eventually sell it as a WSO or other similar stuff to see how popular it is and if it brings more people to this blog. It’s a test in itself to see the interest in something like this.


Well that’s it for my income report, let me know if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover in the future, I just might :).