Current Linkbuilding Tools/Services I Still Use Or Abandonned

Hey guys, something I’ve been contemplating this month is consolidating the link services I use. Currently I use quite a lot of them UAW, Article Samurai, Article Ranks, Linkamotion, ezarticlelink, abc plugin (automatic backlink creator) and most recently blog blueprint.

As per my case study post that I did on the warrior forums that I linked to in a previous income report it helped me show some of the services I feel work great. I was really surprised how AMR was so effective for one of the websites and oddly the AMR + UAW site did not perform as well. Linkamotion is #2 and so far I like that network a lot, it’s like blog blueprint but I find it a lot less annoying for uploading articles since I usually do it from within The best spinner’s “post to blog option”. BTW, TBS is on sale HALF OFF for a few days so make sure to pick it up if you haven’t already.

ranking article linksI am currently going to rethink the seo tools I recommend and currently AMR is definitely #1, especially considering it’s a one time fee. For #2 both Linkamotion and Article Ranks work really well for me currently, I’m not sure which one I would put ahead of the other but something to consider is that if you have a PR2+ domain that is not making you money it can be worth it to put it inside the AR system and let it build you credits, this will allow you to link out to up to 5 domains. I’ll probably do a post on buying high PR domains in the future for those who are not sure but it’s pretty simple and you can use a service like to find them.

Ezarticlelink is also a strong contender for #2, I especially like that it’s only $34. Also, if you need your articles spinned they do it for a very reasonable $3 per article last I checked, really great service to use and then export the articles to other networks :). I mentionned it to the email list last month and I received quite a few questions on how to setup the domains for it since it’s a bit different then other networks. I’ll probably do an “official” review post about it soon.

Article Samurai and Unique Article Wizard are interesting contenders… I’ve been getting success with Article Samurai but it’s definitely a lot more expensive since it is $100/month. Unique article wizard used to work really well for me but nowadays between AMR and Article Samurai I do not feel it’s as good, I also heard rumors AS submits to the UAW network anyway. I would definitely recommend linkamotion over it since it’s less expensive and a separate network.

Build my rank… I get a lot of people asking me about this network, have I used it? Do I recommend it? Yes… But No. The reason why a lot of people recommend it is yes it does work, it has increased my rankings a lot BUT these rankings are ALWAYS lost for me 2-3 months later, as if I had not done any BMR posts. That would be acceptable with me using other networks but at $1-$2.5 a post on BMR (it demands 100% unique submissions, so no spinning) this gets expensive for temporary rankings. Anyway, I think it’s a good last resort option for expensive keywords you want to rank for but after using it for 10 months or so I stopped 2 months ago. I did not mention it before because I always suspected that I was losing my rankings. I would use it for multiple keywords, and exclusively for a few keywords and time after time I would see myself lose the rankings gained when only BMR is used.. If you combine a lot of services you might not notice the drop, but I did several times on multiple websites.


ABC plugin is also another one I have been silently testing over the past months (and only $30/month when I bought it, hopefully still is) and overall it seems to work great. Basically you submit one of your websites to the network and in exchange you can get up to 500 “sidebar” blogroll links to your website and they constantly rotate. Before using this plugin, I really did not believe blogroll links were important but after seeing the ranking changes from using this plugin I definitely want to look into doing more blogroll exchanges with other people. Anyway, this one is also on my “to post about” list. Gonna do a few more tests just to be sure it’s still as effective by itself as it used to be but I really like how it gives some variety from all the article distribution services I use.


Blog Blueprint, as per Becker’s suggestion I started trying it, so far I’m not too sure how effective it is, we’ll see! I’ll soon test how many of my posts were indexed and try to get them all indexed, that might work very well.


Social Bookmarking

bookmarking demonCurrently, this has been working well for me. I’m currently testing using bookmarking demon and will post on the results shortly. Also, for those who will use my affiliate link for BMD (any of the links so far on the site), you can confirm if it says “vaalion.thelinkback” when you checkout) I will share with you my currently 2k+ list of sites that I submit bookmarks too. It will probably be reduced as me and my VA are working to remove the problem sites but you can expect the list to be finalized in a week and I’ll do an extended blog posts about it showing my ranking changes from before using BMD to currently. I’m honestly surprised by how effective this is for the effort of just doing some spun descriptions. The real effort is in finding a list of websites (the initial list that comes with the software is only like 50 or so, common high PR websites such as digg, stumbleupon, fark etc.) and also sorting the ones that do not work from the problematic ones. Also, filling out the submission categories for the first run can take some time but after that’s it’s ready to go and no monthly subscription. I can’t believe I did not try this software before it’s been out for so many years… Probably because they do not have a trial and I was hiring mixed comments about it. From what I knew most people were using it for backlinks to backlinks to get them indexed, I did not think that direct backlinks to the money site would be so effective.


Linkwheel testing using Web 2.0s

So all the way back in may I showed a diagram of a linkwheel I have been using that includes domains and web 2.0 properties. Surprisingly, I do not think they are worth all the time I put into them so far. Ya they help with rankings but they take way more time to maintain. Instead of submitting articles linking to my main sites, they were linking to the web 2.0s in addition to me drip feeding articles to these web 2.0s/domains every so often. Most of these were done manually it really makes me doubt that programs like senuke that mostly use web 2.0s are of any help BY THEMSELVES for rankings. Sure backlink diversity is helpful but I’ve always been able to test services/software by only using it for a specific KW/URL that never had any backlinks and judge the changes. Would love to hear comments of people that might have used web 2.0 creating/posting software and were able to rank up using ONLY those. A the monthly price most of those tools are going at they definitely do not seem worth it to me!

Anyway, I’m gonna start using my aged domains with PR soon and those will probably work well, we will see if those are worth the price of buying the domains and maintaining them for so long. I bought them like 5 months ago and did some new backlinks to them during that period, the PR never has dropped :).


So in conclusion here is where I’m at in terms of doing backlinks, it still works as effectively as before with a few new additions. Also, with article distribution networks to lower the cost I recommend you cycle them, meaning one or two month off one and you re-subscribe. I personally was cycling AR/UAW in the past and I might take a month or two off linkamotion or AS soon since I’ve been using it a lot.