Alex’s January Online Income Report

So I’m a bit late on this one, I was hoping to do monthly updates really quick once we started the blog but we are currently in Miami and I did not have a comfortable area to type on my laptop for ever so I limit myself to one hour a day on the computer at most (answering comments, read/post on forums and make sure my websites are all online). Definitely shows that once your passive income sources are setup things seem to stay smooth for a long time. Fingerman probably does not work more than a few hours a week and travels a lot more than me but I was still a bit scared of not working for so long and seeing my income go down. In reality, (spoiler alert for February :P) as of yesterday, Feb 24 Google did an algorithm change and my sites seem to be doing quite well since but earlier in the month of February I was having difficulties due to other issues. Anyway…


January was a great month, finally definitely was over the $100 a day mark with all my sources of income combined. that I will display under.


Adsense $2918

adsense january Alex

Clickbank $107.77

clickbank january

Amazon $147

amazon january

And finally infolonks for $73

infolinks january


Theirs also about another $100 from various CPA offers that I am trying out, not too sure on those yet and even in february I am not too confident on which one I want to use going forward I am trying to get into clickbank products more.

Also, I did $73 with infolinks which I really like because they pay directly to my paypal account in USD which is really cool for me since I usually have to lose money with the currency exchange to canadian $ all the time when I buy stuff online. I have been trying it on and off on my main website but so far I cannot find a serious change in adsense account. It’s really hard to see a change, all I can see right now is a lower ecmp but the same CTR between weeks where I have infolinks on and off. but by logic, if those people are clicking on infolinks add than that MUST mean less people clicking on adsense right? However it does not seem to be the case so far soooo giving infolinks more tries so far in february, on/off again until I’m convinced it does not affect my adsense income.

Testing it on another website too actually who seems to be benefiting really well from it actually. My adsense ecpm always was terrible on that website ($1-5) and infolinks still pulls off another $1-3 ecmp so that’s cool, that website seems more worthwhile now that it makes about $10 a day :).

Well that’s january, I know I enjoyed income reports but maybe that was just me. If you guys would like to see some other information ask away in the comments and I might include it in the future reports.

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