Alex’s March Income Report And A Look Into The Future

March was a decent month, adsense still not has increased much but I’ll explain why later in this post. However I’ve also been sacrificing adsense clicks as I try to optimize pages to sell more CPA and affiliate offers.

adsense march




$2713 from adsense.

$131 Amazon

$80 Infolinks

$60 Random CPA offers together

$198 from clickbank ($88 of which is from AMR sales off this website, thanks!)

$50 Keyword Academy affiliate

$60 Article Ranks

So ~$3300 in total.

I sometimes get asked how much my expenses are so I’ll give approximates in this post

$33 hosting

$200 from backlink networks (TKA, UAW, a few AR credits and some new ones I’ve been trying out)

~$100 writers

$40 in domains (1 renewal, 3 new ones πŸ™‚ )

so about $273 in expenses.

So net profit is around $3000.

About some of the sales on this website, I see that most people have been using TKA/AR as backlink networks especially since with AR you can pay on a per usage basis which really works well and makes sense since something like UAW is really expensive early on, it’s not something I would get until 4+ months or when you’re income is at least $100/month. Something I often do is rotate services between the ones that work. I use UAW one month, AR another (unlimited), and a new one after to keep my costs low and it also helps me just focus on one service at a time. I would do the same with TKA but I still use niche refinery a lot for my keyword research so I keep it all the time… My article spinners and me (I still often do TBS myself for titles/ressource box) always put a lot of variations (3 per word… and almost every word has synonyms) so I re-use these articles every month when I go to a new service. So basically the first week of a month I re-dump all the articles from a previous service to a new one, I usually add new titles but I’m not sure if that changes anything…

looking-towards-the-future, new nichesLooking towards the future…

So my adsense earnings have not really gone up in 2011, and they actually went down in February… Well I was on vacation for 3 weeks and I had theme/internal linking problems but still. I was experiencing massive growth in 2010 every month and 2011 is pretty small growth on a monthly basis. I’ve been thinking of a solution and I think the problem is that I’m in markets/niches that are hard to expand. Basically a lot of my time is spent re-doing backlinks to maintain my #1 because a lot of my best keywords compete with other people doing SEO. Fingerman has a really hands off business (in fact he works only a few hours a week, most of the time he watches me work while watching entire seasons of south park/vampire diaries/jersey shore in the living room) and it’s made me search new niches that I should try.

New niches

So a lot of my time these past 2 weeks has been exactly on that and I found some GREAT new niches to get into. Each of my new 3 domains are all targeting about ~40-50k exact searches a month with CPC of $2-5 and that’s just from the main keywords, inner pages will of course expand into many other keywords related to those niches. I’m not sure if all of those will end up working out but the competition on the first page is pretty easy-medium… I’m aiming top 3 for all of these by the end of 2010.I’m not done on my keyword research for some more websites so I’ll probably register a few new domains in April. Also hiring a VA service (Virtual assisstant) for $200 a month to do my backlinks for me (manage my articles, spin them and submit them to the article networks). Actually, to save $$ he’ll be using some of the pre spinned articles from this post I did a week ago with the $5/month already spinned articles. We’ll see how well that works, right now I want my backlinking to be more hands off free.

How I uncovered them

I’ve been using SEMrush paid version for a lot of this with methods explained in this semrush review post, in fact I’ll probably do a video on this soon to better explain. EDIT: SEMRush video is done.Β  I wanted to do it for a few days now but I have a cold (gym is 15 minutes away and I stupidly wear almost nothing every time I go :'( ). I basically check the large article directories (ezine, squidoo, hubpage, ehow etc), see the keywords they rank for and I either start searching for those exact keywords on google to export into niche refinery or sometimes I just get new niche ideas and I dig down deeper. Anyway it was of great help to me because I haven’t done keyword research for new websites in like 5 months and my creative mind was pretty rusty. Fingerman when he decides to work has been enjoying stealing big website’s keywords for his new health project (maybe he’ll link it to it in the future so you guys can see).

My personal To do List

For April is to start building those websites, uncover a few other websites I should start. I would like 5-6 in total, not all are guaranteed to be a success and I should have the time to manage those since my current websites will be pretty much worked on only by my $200 part time VA.

What’s in store for Passive Income SEO

We might be revealing a website I’ve been working on a bit for the past 4 months. It recently got #1 for it’s main keyword and it’s inner pages are also on the first page of google so I think it’s a good example to show people. It’s currently making $2-5 a day off adsense(seperate account πŸ˜‰ ). Yesterday it got a google dance and it’s now gone from the first page of google but that almost always happened to me when I reach #1 for my first keyword on a new website in the 3-4 month frame so once it’s back for a week + and making stable income I’ll probably reveal it and share what i’ve done (it’s a really simple website that really shows how simple SEO can be…)


Also, should we have a forum? I have 5 people or so ask me this month about a forum. Fingerman tells me he would post on the website if we have a forum because trolling forums is what he does all the time on his iPhone. I guess I’ll add one if there’s interest.