Article Marketing Robot Review with a Directory Bonus and $10 Discount Link

Update: I uploaded a video on submitting an article to AMR and info how on how to get a bonus list of directories for AMR if you purchase from one of my affiliate links (any of them sending you to the AMR website from this post).


Article marketing robot is a one time payment program that submits your article with spin syntax to THOUSANDS of directories! As you can see from my screen shot, it has over 1k PR1+ directories! If you include PR0+ that number actually goes up to 6k but I personally just keep the numbers to PR1+.

Article marketing robot does not have an intuitive user interface to use the first time, you will definitely have to read the instructions, but after your first submission it gets very easy; especially since your article accounts will already be created and you can just re-use these. They have some great tips in their instructions to get a lot of directories to accept your articles and reduce the signup errors such as using a domain email account ([email protected]) instead of a @gmail or @hotmail account. I know goarticles requires this and I imagine so other article directories might also so this definitely will help you.

AMR scheduler informationWhile a lot of directories do fail as you can see on my screenshot (almost half actually…) I still had 700+ submissions completed for these 2 articles submitted over ~25 days. Oh by the way, AMR has a great scheduler tool that can work automatically (it can startup with your computer) or it can just tell you when some articles are due to be submitted. For example, I made my articles submit to 100 directories every ~2 days. Usually I like to keep my article submissions to around ~30 per day for other services but since around half of these end up failing I figured this was a good number.

If you want, the software can extract the live links of where your articles appear but so far I did not really use this feature much because it recently got a major software update and the live links part was a bit buggy. UPDATE: The live links feature works well now but it will take time (obviously) before all the article directories accept your article and provide the link. It’s not perfect but it returns a good number of links. If you want to see how many got indexed, use the trick in my seolinkvine review (a service I do not recommend at all…) where I do a Google phrase match search on a specific sentence in my article that is not spinned so it appears in every article.

Conclusion on ranking results:

And yes, if you are reading this article marketing robot review only to see my end result, I can definitely say that by using AMR I saw some great ranking changes. AMR is definitely a must buy especially considering it is a one time payment software. So far, it’s been updated and maintained a lot, something which most non monthly software’s fail at over time (once the owner decides to move on I suppose). But for the past 3 months it has been updated a lot and AMR has been out for almost a year now so I think that gives you a good idea of how much the creator is supporting it! Once the live links are working again I might consider extracting them and doing backlinks to these articles to make them stronger but currently AMR is already working really well! If you are using my backlinking strategy than AMR should come into play after your third month and make sure you use the scheduling feature. The articles will naturally not all be accepted together by the directories but I had great success with about 100 submissions (half of those might fail) every 2 days as mentioned.

Currently theirs an AMR trial that works almost as well as the real version with a 5 day timer.

UPDATE Oct 16 2011: I have been updating my reviews on the blog recently with star ratings and I have to give AMR an almost 5 star rating. While it’s not perfect, most of AMR’s competitors have monthly fees that range from $30 to $130 while AMR is a one time fee that provides results. I highly recommend it to anyone just starting because even a year later AMR is a very important source of backlinks for me that constantly helps my new sites get a good amount of backlinks that make them go from hidden to the second and first page of Google. At that point, I usually mix in other networks and more AMR articles.

4 and a half stars for article marketing robot

UPDATE: Here is a video of me uploading an article to AMR submission:

Article Marketing Robot Bonus

If you buy Article Marketing Robot after going from my affiliate link (any AMR link on this page) make sure to email me, linkback[at] with your clickbank receipt # and I’ll email you an article marketing robot bonus list of 2500 directories that you can add to AMR, not all of them will work 100%. Sadly I can’t extract the websites once they are added and confirmed inside AMR so some of these will not be added but it will definitely add hundreds of sites to your list, my directory list currently is at 7,697.

Update on Sept 27 2011

With the recent version of AMR my total article directory list is around ~2,500 total now . I think by default you start at 2k or so atm. They removed a lot of the buggy ones that simply waste the software’s time. Out of those, I get about 450-650 articles successfully sent per AMR run. I’m not 100% sure since all working sites

AMR Discount

Currently, you can find a $10 article marketing robot discount if you use the links on this page (which are also my affiliate link for which I will be compensated for). I’m not sure how long this AMR discount will last but for now I changed the links to redirect to the AMR discount page.