Artisteer 3 Video, Quick Guide on Making Great Adsense Templates

artisteer 3A lot of people have been asking for a demo of Artisteer so I made a 7 minute video where I quickly make an artisteer theme. As I mention in the video, it’s hard to go wrong by using artisteer which is why me and Fingerman like it so much. When I first started doing IM I had shitty “adsense optimized themes” that looked terrible and probably the best tip Fingerman gave me was to use artisteer and remove those shitty themes. I can’t say for sure but while many people got banned using adsense and making terrible websites I do think having a nice theme that is user friendly is key. Sure it might not extract the MAXIMUM adsense money you could get but, people might actually enjoy your website and link to it. And google won’t make it their duty to remove your ugly website form their index!

So, basically here’s a few check marks of what I do in artisteer almost all the time. Keep in mind once again these are not necessarily the best. I truly believe as long as you don’t have really weird colors you can’t go wrong in your themes layout so make one that you like.

  • Usually only one sidebar, and I often put it to the right.
  • White background so it blends with the adsense color panel we like to use. Here’s some of the ways Fingerman likes to configure the colors for his posts/pages as told in our how to start a website post. White background for the posts and pages (This area is described as β€œArticle” in Artisteer). Font to Arial and font color to #444444 for posts and pages. Link colors to #000080 (dark blue) in posts and pages.
  • Honestly, that’s it. But, I do like to have a short header and I usually add a relevant picture there to make it nice. Everything else is just you making a theme that looks nice to your eyes πŸ™‚