August Monthly Report – On an Adsense High

Lots of things going on this month. Reaching a new milestone in Adsense, some conclusive testing of a few backlink services and some new method that I did not think would work that I will share with you guys soon if the rankings last.

So on to this month’s earnings:

Income from my niche sites:

adsense income from august 2011 Adsense: $3,931

Infolinks: $162

Clickbank: $81

Amazon: $96

CPA offer: $60 (quite an increase on it this month!, $15 per ppl ordering the product)


Income from this blog:

TKA $267

Article Ranks $91

Semrush $60

TBS $40

Total of $458

Grand total for the month of August of $4,788

My adsense earnings have been going up again, this time almost reaching $4,000. This is mostly due to my new websites (the same ones I’ve been often mentioning in these income reports…) from early 2011 finally ranking up on the first page of Google and grabbing some top 3 spots. Only one of my big keywords is #1 for now, the rest will most likely reach at least #2 by the end of the year. I might also join a big CPA network for these websites soon which will be amazing because they are spot on something the visitors might want, I really hope I get in (most likely, considering I’m getting 20k visitors a month between these 3 new websites, and from search engines…). If I can get in and it’s as good as I anticipate it to be I might reach my goal of $10,000 by the end of the year 2011!

What I’ve been up to this month

This month I started extensively using Article ranks, Article samurai, Linkamotion and AMR. As for UAW, I’ve only been re-submitting my articles which they allow you to do every 3 months, this should be a feature allowed in other services because it’s very convenient and honestly, I often re-submit my articles there anyway and just use a different title and links. It’s been a few months since I did a large backlinking run like this. I probably submitted 2-3 articles per website to each service, so probably around 30 in total. I re-use the same articles between services for those wondering, I just change the titles and link placement to each service’s needs. For example in AR you can have your 3 links anywhere. For AS/AMR you can have 1 link in the body and 2 in the ressource box. As you can see from this case study I did here in the warrior forums (on going) I saw really big ranking changes from using AMR so it’s mostly what spark’d me to do all these backlinks and then I figured I might as well just make it a big month of using all networks again since I’ve been doing other things for a few months such as building website content, designing artisteer themes with unique headers, trying out email lists on my niche sites, building a blog network (more on that in another post…) etc.

I also learned that social bookmarking does have some ranking power again when used directly on a money site, more on that in a later post this month once I find an effective way (aka software/service) that does this well for me and if the ranking increases last more then a month (3 weeks later on my first tests and still very strong). I would NOT recommend to do this manually, it’s effective in my experience when used on hundreds of sites at the same time. I’ve been trying to emulate a service that someone used to prove to me that this is effective but sick submitter can’t do it 100% so I’m about to test another one.

Awesome network – Case study website ranking to #1 with it

I’ve  finally had some conclusion to a few tests I have been doing on backlinks on a new network, I saw some VERY impressive results from it. It’s an odd network because back in early 2011 I saw some very good ranking changes. At the time me and Fingerman (the previous guy I was working with on this blog for those who remember) decided we would recommend this service to our email list as a thank you for signing here’s an amazing network. However, I did not recommend it at the time because in late February or March I had seen some drops in rankings and for a while I stopped seeing a lot of ranking changes from keywords only promoted with it. I think Google panda shook things up a bit in that network. Anyway, since it always keeps on drip feeding your articles because their network is constantly growing I kept it. I also had a website exclusively promoted using this service and it had a major Google dance. It got back to #1 2 months ago and I put adsense on it (making about $1-5/day currently, it’s a very thin 5 page website). After that I decided the network must be good again so I tested it on 2 other “virgin” domains and it brought a website I did in July on the first page of Google by itself. A 20,000 or so search per month KW with a ~$3 CPC. I’ll be sending an email shortly about it to the list, if you are not on it sign up here now! I’ll also be revealing the $1-5/day domain I used this service on.

What would you guys want to see from me in a product?

Question_mark, new product?I don’t think it’s a secret that I would really love to write a really useful IM product and see another part of IM, making products, selling it, working with affiliates etc… However I’m not sure what direction  I should go with this. As readers of my previous monthly income for July you probably saw me mention that I wrote a lot on a keyword research ebook and while It’s sitting at 6k words right now ( and not complete) I doubt it will have much of the WOW that I am hoping for in order for it to sell well and motivate me… The problem with keyword research is while it’s the most important thing (SERIOUSLY) you can’t see the results until many months later. Keyword/Niche research has no magical secrets to find them (I mostly STILL just use the free google tool and then check the competition of the top 10 using the Seo quake plugin after I get an idea). However, I do share some case studies of profitable websites that might give you some niche ideas and what are good keywords to me as preliminary tests (you can never be 100% sure).

Anyway, I’m also doing some more advanced SEO with managing blog networks, buying aged domains, outsourcing, training a VA and part time writers. Maybe I could scratch that keyword ebook and instead go for a “rank #1 in Google” product? I’m getting good results from websites that I am using my private blog network for (only a few sites but highly optimized to be similar in in content to what I link them to 6+ months later). However, obviously this takes a while to setup so I’m currently debating if it’s worth it vs just doing what I did most of august, using AR/AS/AMR/Linkamotion/UAW. Maybe I could combine my keyword product with this? I was hoping to just make a ~$20 product to test the water’s and see people’s feedback on how I could improve things but maybe it’s best I go with a full “complete” in all SEO areas product…

I would really love your opinion on this.