Automatic Directory Submission Software that Gives Great Results – Sliq Submitter Plus

sliq submitter plus directory submission softwareFor a long time while doing IM, in fact all of 2010, I never believed in directory submissions. I always felt they probably are worthless and do not help much with rankings. Not only that, but it can be expensive to pay someone to do them for you and the few times I did it was hard to see any results. however, early 2011 I came across a tool called sliq submitter plus which has made it a LOT easier to do directory submissions and also has a lot of nifty tools that I think make it a key directory submission software.

First off, I highly recommend the plus version which is at $50 for a year license. I never tried the lite because for me the key thing about using a good directory submission software would be that it needs to have a lot of automation built in.


directory submission software overview

First off, when you start your directory submission run it will ask you for a title (basically the anchor text), a full name and the URL. After that you want to enter a description. A key thing that I love about this software is that you can spin the description which is highly recommended as you can see from the demo. Don’t overtly promote your website with things like “this is the best website on x” because it might make it harder to get your website accepted by directories. After the wizard you will have filled out page exactly like the screenshot on the left and I recommend you use some other titles by pressing the + which basically means some anchor text variations.

I don’t always directly use a keyword I want to rank for. For this website, it’s not a real money website so I was a bit broad and I also wanted to see if the rankings for all these keywords in the title would increase ( they did). I basically used that website as a test a month ago to make sure directory submissions still work since I have not done it on my new 2011 money websites yet, I will probably wait until 3-4 months first just because that’s how I roll. Anyway, I recommend you try a few keywords as the title/anchor text but also add some more general sounding names to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Once you click on the star it will start submitting your website, at first you will probably have to choose some categories but the key thing is that sliq submitter remembers the categories you select :). So over time you have to click less and less. I recommend you check “auto submit” but do not check “auto skip” until you are in the PR0 range of websites. At that point I lose interest in selecting more categories so I just let sliq submit to the websites where it recognizes one from the previous submissions.

Another cool thing, if you ahve mroe then 1 website in the same niche you can import the categories you used to the new website so you probably won’t have to select any categories again :).

A few other things…

– It has auto captcha solving and it usually works quite well, I use deathbycaptcha since it comes down to $1.39 per 1000 captchas. I also use it for AMR and other tools so if you already have it for AMR then just insert the same account :).

– Speaking of AMR, I used to use it to do an email confirmation for these directory submissions but as you can see the most recent version has auto email confirm. I haven’t used it yet since it’s already setup in AMR for me but it probably works the same. By the way, for directory submissions you can re-use the same email address but make sure it’s not your main email account!

– I really like that this software is constantly getting updated. I get new directories added very often. In fact, the websites I first submitted in early 2011 I went back to recently and they had an extra 400-700 directories that sliq submitter plus has now added. They also added the spinning in the description and auto check email feature in the past months, I’m looking forward to see if they add anything else but besides more directories I do not see anything else needed by the software itself at this point.

Let me know how well it works for you guys, I think it’s a safe software to use early on but I wouldn’t submit to all the directories until your website has a month or two. It might be best to do something like 500 submissions each week for a month or so. If you are considering using it, it has a 100 directory free trial to give you an idea of the interface, I would appreciate if you use my affiliate link too :).

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