Becker’s November Income Report

How is it going guys, Becker here…

So recently during a private coaching session a student asked me

“Becker, how much money are you currently making online and how long will it take me to get to that point”

Frankly, I was a tad embarrassed because at that moment I realized I have no clue EXACTLY how much money I currently make (paying taxes this quarter is going to be fun….) The funny thing about all of this is that since the ball has started rolling, I have never really taken the chance to count up the money. I live a pretty frugal lifestyle and rarely check my bank account so it has never really been an issue

I realized this was a huge issue and started looking into hiring a Tax guy right after the session. I found one and after sitting down with him we were finally were able to piece together exactly how much I am making.

All I have to say is wow…I never thought I would reach this level. When I first got into Internet Marketing my goal was to simply making $1,000 a month to help when I got out of the Air Force so that I could be a full time college student.

If I had seen these numbers a year ago, I would of been like the guy below

Before I get into this though, I want to say that I really am not keen on sharing my income. I will not be doing this often on the blog. However, I want to share it this time to enforce the reality that ANYONE can do this and hit success. I am not extremely smart. I do not have a College Degree. I created my first site only a year and a half ago.

So, in short. This is real, if I can do this YOU CAN TOO

One thing I would like you to be aware of though.

I am not including ANY of the income I have generated from teaching people online. AT ALL. (this blog, courses, private coaching)

While this is a substantial amount, I am here to show you how to make money online, not how to make a business coaching people online (two very different things). I do not consider that income to be a good example for anyone getting into this.

My November Income Report

(If anyone would like screenshots or proof of these statements feel free to use the contact form and I will be MORE than happy to share it with you)

Source Of Income #1 : Flipping Websites

One thing I have started to fall in love with is simply ranking and flipping websites. If you are reading my current case study I am sure you know how fast I am able to rank sites, and most of the time I target far less competitive niches. The awesome thing about flipping is that MANY of my sites are worth far more to others than they are for me. Take one look at if your curious about just how much some sites go for!

(By the way this was an above average month for me)

Total Profit From November : $15,500


Source of Income #2 : Local SEO

As you guys know I recently started a business doing local SEO (Surge Wolf Marketing). As of right now I have a good sum of clients. The current income was not as much as the first month because they are all on the recurring payments now (which is cheaper). Overall though, I am VERY pleased with how things are going

Total Profit from November :$ 2,750


Source of Income #3 : Clickbank Sales

I make sites. I rank them. I sell click bank stuff. Pretty simple! (This is not including affiliate products on the Link Back)

Total Profit From November: $1,128


Source of Income #4: Selling My Own Products

How To Draw a Horse and College Flirt are a good example of this. We had a book launch on College Flirt this month as well. I allowed the author to get 100% of the profits, but I want to include that income since it was generated from my site and email list

Total Profit From Novemeber: $1,237


Source of Income #5 Adsense

I hate adsense. I do not use it much. A lot of this was from Turkey…lol

Total Profit From Novemeber : $224 


I would also again like to point out, that unlike many “make money online” blogs, I did not include income I have made from this blog or courses I have released on the subject. This is ALL pure online income

What I Learned In November

This is about the third month in a row I have made around 5 figures from online ventures. If you had told me a year ago I would be seeing these numbers in my bank account I would of started dancing, spent all my money, and quit everything.

Honestly though. I am glad it did not happen like that. For the first year of my whole “make money online” adventure the only thing I saw in my bank account was negatives. Ironically, I never really saw this as a problem. At one point I remember looking at my bank account with only $1,000 left in it with no job and not even being worried.  I just kept on working and learning regardless.

Over the year of zero success I literally learned to just blindly ignore the results I was getting and keep pushing

The funny thing is, I have learned my numbness to results goes both ways. Since my first 5 figure month awhile back, my life has changed very little.

  • I still stay up all night working (all the Australians I have coached at 4 am can attest to that!).
  • I still am constantly thinking of new ways to make money and still buying courses all the time
  • I still spend very little money on luxuries and often feel like I am poor (I actually sat at the liqour store this week trying to decide if I should buy the $9 or $12 bottle of vodka..what a loser!)

Simply put, always striving for more and never counting my chickens has been so ingrained in my head that it has simply became who I am. But because of this

  • I constantly am evolving as a person online and offline
  • My brain keeps crafting more and more ways to make money with very little work
  • My happiness is based on growing, not the amount of money in my pay pal account.
This has lead me to finally conclude that making money and succeeding is PURELY based on your mindset. Period.
Yes some people might hit success faster than others and establish a passive income, but if your mindset sucks it will never last. My personal goal online is to constantly wreck shop and lay waste to peoples bank accounts. Until I have 5 Ferraris I will never consider my income passive enough to stop expanding.

My Plans For Next Month

I am really excited about this next month for a ton of reasons. Here are some of my highlights

Source Wave

Alex Cass and myself just launched a Internet Marketing Webinar site called Source Wave. I have HUGE expectations for this. I will be holding a ton of the free value webinars from it and want to kinda turn it into the Tonight Show of internet  Do not worry, this is a totally different type of venture than the Link Back and I will still be more involved than ever here.


Traffic Dundee Launch

The sequel to Panda Dundee is almost at its launch. Again I am expecting big things from this as well.


Some Other Stuff

  • Finishing Up SEO Hybrid (yes its almost done)
  • Working on flipping another high profit website (I will let you know if it goes well)
  • Gaining 2 more clients for Surge Wolf
  • Training my dog boots not to piss all over my house

My final thoughts on this Month

When I first got into IM, I had one goal: To be able to purchase a Kirk Hammet signature edition guitar and not think twice about it. If I could do that, then I would know I had made it…If only, if only


There is nothing passive about success, set a goal and make it happen!