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Hello Boys and Girls

Yesterday I got my 27th email this week asking for my personal opinion on the SEO tool I always reference on here (Blog Blueprint). As much as I love getting emails from you guys, my fingers hurt from typing the same thing over and over…

SOOOOOO….I am finally going to set the record straight with a proper Blog BluePrint Review. No longer shall I open my inbox to see such subjects as


Where Can I Buy Blog Blue Print

Do BB get good results

Can you refund my best spinner money (If your reading this…you know who you are)

So without further adue

Blog Blue Print Review

Before I Get Into This..I am not going to hype this up to you..I am going to show you purely 1)What it does 2) My Results…The End

My Blog BluePrint  Review Case Study (Pure Results..Plain old Facts)

Alright if you read Panda Dundee,  you have already seen this. (There are also some small case studies in the video so I suggest you watch that to)

Keyword : QTP Interview Questions

Exact Searches: 9,900

American CPC: 2.54 cents

Top 4 Competing Sites PRs: 4,2,2,2 (actual competition)


I purchased the domain on June 29, 2011 (See Below)





I began the back linking with ONLY Blog Blueprint on the 30th of June (Picture Taken day of..No Index)

Blog Blueprint review



When I checked the rankings the next day, my site was ranked 18(Text in image is a mistake

Blog Blueprint review



I checked in 2 days later and my site was ranked 11th (check dates in the picture)


Blog Blueprint review



2 weeks later my site was ranked first page of Google in the #8 Spot



At this point I stopped recording data because my goal was to simply rank a competitive profitable keyword first page as quick as possible. I later sold this site to a person for a good chunk of change.


The Overall Results

Time to rank 2 page: 1 day

Time to rank number 11: 2 days

Time to rank first page : 2 weeks

Time to Rank top 5: Less than a month



So with that being said, those are the EXACT results I have gotten with Blog Blueprint.

My Personal Opinion

This tool is a must have for me. The speed at which I can rank sites with it allows me to really deliver results to my clients businesses. It took me 2 weeks to rank a keyword with competition…HOWEVER I can rank local keywords (College Station Dentist, Lawyers near plano, Bryan Texas Construction etc) in days.

It is

  • extremely quick to use,
  • stupidly effective
  •  priced very fairly compared to other tools that do not get results.

I have used it to rank all my sites (college flirt, how to draw a horse, surge wolf, bpo, etc etc)

I love it. The end.


If you would like to check out this tool you can do so here..( I would appreciate if you used my affiliate link but I have placed a non affiliate as well)

Blog BluePrint (affiliate link)

Blog Blue Print(Non Affiliate Link)


Thats it, all questions answered! Refer to this page if your wondering!






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