Bookmarking Demon Review, Bonus & Temporary Discount!

bookmarking demon reviewAfter dismissing bookmarking demon for over a year because it never had any trial while carrying a high price tag of $147 I was enlightened to the power of social bookmarking a few months ago.

I saw really good results very quickly (within a week) on my older domains so while waiting to see if these rankings would drop or stay I also tested it on newer websites (including the link back) with great results. Once you have your bookmarking sites setup with accounts and categories it becomes SOOO easy to use this tool for an easy boost instead of having to create 300-400 word articles with titles and special spin syntax and then add your links in the text (for AR)  or in a resource box (using AMR). I currently have ~1900 bookmarking sites so it takes a while for the initial setup however, as a bookmarking demon bonus for those who use a link to BMD from this page, I’m sharing my list of 1,500+ bookmarking sites and you will get the categories already setup for the majority of those, saving you a LOT of time.

As part of this review I will be offering a bookmarking demon bonus that includes a large list of sites. Also, after contacting the owner he offered a $20 discount for the readers of this blog that will be available from November & December 2011. Here’s a quick preview of how many social bookmarking sites it can successfully bookmark with my current list (actual ranking results are lower in the post):

example of bookmarking submissions using Bookmarking demon


How does it work?

The basic steps are below, and under I put a video I uploaded if you want some visual insight into bookmarking demon 🙂

1. Set up an email account to confirm emails.

2. Select all the bookmarking sites that you want to create accounts for (you will not have to redo this step later on, but I recommend you have 2-4 accounts made per site over time so that your bookmarks are distributed between each of them)

3. Select categories for these sites, This is the most time consuming one time only process, you will have to select categories for bookmarking submissions that many sites require in order to let you bookmark. Make sure to use the “set default category” option so that a large number of them will be assigned categories by BMD and saving you a lot of time :).

3. Add 1/many webpages you want to bookmark, for title put the keywords you want to rank for and separate them with a comma or use normal spin syntax { | }. For description make a 30-50 word description with { | } spin syntax, BMD supports multiple levels of spin syntax so I often do that for the description.

4. Bookmark! Many will fail so I usually run it again the next day on the failed sites that will stay in the Queue.

Here’s a video of bookmarking demon being setup if you want to have an idea of the above steps:

What kind of ranking results can you expect from using BMD?

In the past I would often do reviews and share my results but without actually showing ranking #’s so from now on (starting with this bookmarking demon review) I hope to always be able to show you screenshots of the actual rank tracking

seems to maintain itself long term

As you can see from these first results, BMD has been helpful in bringing pages from nowhere to the second and third page of Google with ONE submission to all the sites. These were 2 keywords on the same site on a post that existed for a few months now but I never did backlinks to previously. It was the optimal candidate when I first started using BMD and over the months of testing elsewhere, the rankings have not dropped (something I was worried about). For this keyword no other backlinks were done besides the social bookmarking at the end of August.

Also I keep seeing great results with AMR so I decided to start doing some SEO on this website, I figured my article marketing robot review thread would be a good one to start promoting so I tried to rank it for article marketing robot review + article marketing robot bonus. However for these 2 keywords and only these two, I have been using other services starting around the ~25th of October. I was trying to see how fast and if I could reach #1 by shooting a ton of backlinks at this AMR review post as an experiment to see if I would experience Google dances and how easy/hard it would be to rank a blog that already has great traffic without SEO.

AMR review proof

What about keywords that already have backlinks?

So my initial testing was on keywords that did not have backlinks built to them previously and were basically unranked. So I of course had to test some keywords that I previously used other backlink types (article directories/syndication services like AR) which enabled them to reach the second or third page of Google as is often the case after an initial run. These 2 keywords HAD backlinks built to them but none from me for at least 2-3 months before I did a BMD submissions for both.

Bookmarking demon helps me get #1

I really really love bookmarking demon and I’m very mad at myself for not trying it earlier even if it did not have a trial. However, it does come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee (since it’s part of clickbank) so I would strongly encourage you guys to give it a try. BMD was first released in 2006 and is constantly being updated so you can expect it to keep being useful in the years to come. I use article directories so much and never considered social bookmarks for more then just an indexing tool to drive Google bot to your page/backlinks. For the results that are coming from doing a 30-50 word description and spinning it BMD is definitely  a very worthwhile investment. As a score I would give bookmarking demon a 4 and a half stars, ya it will not give you all the #1 rankings you want but for a one time investment and a tool that once set up requires less work then article submissions I definitely highly recommend it as one of the top 3 tools I use for SEO every month (along with AMR and 1 random private blog network, I”ll be updating the list in “seo tools” soon)

4 and a half stars for bookmarking demon review


Bookmarking Demon Bonus

For anyone that buys BMD from a link on this page (which redirect you to my $20 BMD discount page), email me (linkback[at] with your receipt # and I will send you a .csv file that contains the (currently) ~1.5k or so extra bookmarking directories that I scrapped and sorted.  This list will probably go down somewhat over time as I remove the ones that constantly waste me captchas or ban my accounts.

Bookmarking Demon Discount

After contacting the owner I was able to get a $20 BMD discount that should last until the end of 2011. You can get BMD for $127 currently instead of the usual $147 :). It does not have a trial but they do offer the standard Clickbank refund policy of 60 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Quick update, I was told by those who have been using it that not only do you get my social bookmarking sites but also the categories! Saving you guys a lot of time on the initial setup (trust me, took me and my VA many hours…)

Here’s an affiliate link to buy bookmarking demon

For a non affiliate link go to