Comparison of backlink indexing services – Automated ways to help backlinks get indexed.

I have been experimenting with a couple of software/services to help index backlinks in the past 4-5 months or so. At first I was using them mostly to help index articles from article service sites that were not getting indexed that I submitted to using AMR or that I got as trackbacks to my sites when using UAW/AR. I also very recently started using them for web 2.0s now that I started using them again in a linkwheel type method that I previewed in my May income report.


These profile links were all done with sick submitter. I am personally not sure if profile links are all that useful for rankings nowadays which was one of the ideas behind this test… then I decided to try an indexing comparison test at the same time since I still feel indexing tools/services can be useful for article submissions and/or web 2.0s. So this article is conclusion of this indexing test.


I tested both profile links and web 2.0s that I randomly spread between links for backlink energizer, nuclear link indexer, backlinkindexer and another list that I submitted a few times to a large list of PLIGG sites using sick submitter once again. For those who do not know, pligg is a social platform that is often used for comments the way wordpress is used for normal blogs.


After creating these links, I waited 2 weeks before sending them to indexing services, I wanted to make sure to remove the ones that google naturally found. I sent the nonindexed  links about 2-3 weeks ago to the four below methods and they have been completed by their respective services for around a week now to make sure they had time to get indexed. I tested indexing with scrapebox.

Backlink Energizer


backlink energizer reviewSent 45 links to one of my backlink energizer network. For those not too sure about this wordpress plugin and how it works, basically you make it send scraped content it pulls from RSS feeds that you assign to many websites (web 2.0 and/or domains you want to use for this). It will add some of your links at the bottom of the posts. I made it post at about 3 links per day with 3 posts (so 9 links a day), personally I think this is a pretty good quality network that I built, they are all web 2.0s that are 7-9 months old and a few contain some backlinks. I also have 3-4 domains that I quit for ranking because the keywords were not too good and not worth the effort but these domains probably have 30-50 backlinks, some of which are from ezine articles and some other high PR domains. I a few of these domains are PR1.


The result is 24 out of 45  indexed

Nuclear Link Indexer


nuclear link indexerAnother service is nuclear link indexer which I took 1000 links for $10. A great thing about this service beyond the other ones is that it can check the links that actually still contain your backlinks (if you do profile links or article links with AMR, you will lose many links in the first weeks as website owners delete your article/profiles). Of course, I usually do the check with scrapebox but this can save you some time and be a great asset if you do not own scrapebox.

175 links sent to nuclear indexer, shown as 30% indexed.

So, ~50 links indexed out of 175.

Backlink Indexer

backlink indexer reviewI took the $15/month package of backlink indexer which submits 50 links a day for 1500 links a month or so. What I like about this service compared to nuclear link indexer is after a few days I can easily re-add the non indexed links for another run ( I did not do this for these results).

200 links to backlink indexer

98 indexed out of 200.

Using the bookmark feature of sick submitter, submitting mostly to 500 pligg sites of Pr1+.

using bookmarking and pligg features on sick submitterSick submitter is about $20/month and you need to scrape your own list of pligg sites (very easy to do with scrapebox) or buy it off someone off their forums. I did about 3 bookmarking runs on my list of 500 “PLIGG” bookmarking sites.

Out of 529 links, 137 became indexed.




So based on the indexing information, I would say my Backlink energizer network and the backlink indexer service come on top in terms of % indexing. However, when you consider that I’m using the basic backlink indexer package ($15 per month for 50 links per day) I clearly see that backlink indexer comes out ahead since after 3-4 days I can re-put the links that were not indexed in large quantities. Nuclear indexer is pretty good but unless you are doing massive quantities of links, the 1000 link/month package does not feel as worthwhile since backlink energizer will process them quickly as you do them. I don’t do 1000 in one day, usually I have a hundred link here, another hundred another day etc… So I much prefer the way backlink indexer has things setup.

Since I currently have my sick submitter subscription while I’m testing profile links, I definitely think PLIGG sites are worth a shot, especially for mass bookmarking and they do seem to work.

Personally, I would go with backlink indexer over the other ones if I had to choose only one.

However in the future since I already have backlink energizer setup and my pligg sites ready I’ll use both of those too.