The Most Effective Monetization Method Known To Man

What is up you pieces of awesome, Becker here…

 (Play This Now) promised, is going to be my second epic post leading up to SEO Hybrid and errr other stuff! (My dogs bday is coming up..that counts right?)

So, what I want to get into is one of the biggest problems I see with peoples money making strategy online. 

this being..

One Shot Marketing

I like metaphors so let me explain this in dating terms

If you were to go speed dating and only had 2 minutes to talk to someone, what would be the best way to go about it?

A) Introduce yourself, show what your about and get their phone number so you can continue at a future time


B) Try to seduce them into hanky panky in under 2 minutes. (You also have a strict no phone number rule..NOW OR NEVER)



Option A is obviously going to score you way more dates (unless you are the Old Spice guy)

The crazy thing is….most people online  operate with a option B mindset.

Most Peoples Fatal Online Strategy

  1. Get people to your site
  2. Hope Your Visitor Buys or clicks something
  3. Never see them ever again (regardless if they buy something or not)
Do you see the problem here? In order to succeed with this strategy you have to have very high conversions and CONSTANTLY be bringing in new visitors to your site. This is the equivalent to a brick and motor business only allowing customers to shop at their store one time.
It is crazy.

The Solution In Action

Okay lets say Jimmy Neutron is surfing the internet looking for computer parts

Now, you have a website that sells just that! (And Jimmy lands on it too!)

However…Jimmy recently blew all of his money at the race track. He is broke and the mob is hunting him down. Because of this he is about to bounce from your site, never to be seen or sold to again

BUT WAIT…he sees that you are offering email updates on upcoming discounts on computer parts. Jimmy signs up for your email updates hoping to save money in the future.

3 Months later…

Jimmy has paid off the mob and won a large sum of money playing black jack. Jimmy (who still needs computer parts) then logs onto to his gmail and see this

20% Off Computer Monitors

He clicks the email and it takes him to your site. Jimmy suddenly remember how bad he needed new parts and spend a few hundred bucks at your store. Great!

2 Weeks later

Jimmy is cruising around his email and sees this (sent from you site)

My Review of The Fastest New Operating System

He reads the review of this operating system and clicks your amazon affiliate link at the bottom.. Boom, Jimmy earns you 50 more dollars

1 year later

Jimmy is looking to buy a reasonably priced new computer and is not sure where to look. His blackberry goes off and tells him he has a new email. He checks it and sees

The Highest Rated Mac Lap Top Ever..20% off for 2 more hours

Jimmy races home and buys a computer from your store for 2 grand.

So How Much is Jimmy Potentially Worth?

The Big Picture : Start E-Mail Marketing NOW!

Now, will every email you collect earn you thousands of dollars? Of course not. But just like in the example above, your are leaving so much money on the table if you fail to do this.

Think about what you gain with just a simple email

  • A chance to sell to someone over and over
  • A highly targeted potential customer
  • A constant source of income  that you will always have access to (unless they unsubscribe)
Really think about it. If your site is about cooking pasta, what could you do with an email that site generates
  • Bring them back to site every time you release a cooking book
  • Recommend cooking tools to them
  • Send them updates on discounted cooking products on Amazon, clickback, etc
The list goes on and on. The best part is that you can continue to make money off this person for years (which is IMPOSSIBLE if you are doing One Shot Marketing)

Even better

As email list keep growing, so does your income. If you collect 500 emails a month in the cooking niche, over the course of a year you gain repeatable access to 5+ people interested in cooking products.

Over 2 years? 10k people

Over 5 years? 25k people!

ANNNND it is a prove stat that on average people make around 1 dollars a month for every email on their list..


Set up an auto responder and start collecting emails … The end ( The best email system by far is Aweber , 1 dollar to sign up and easy to set up) If you attended the webinar last week you probably noticed I pointed out the lack of an email collecting system on almost every site. Guys this is CRUCIAL if you really want to start banking online.

So…er..stop online version of the creepy speed dater with a 2 minute rules…cuz…its creepy.