Ezarticlelink Review – My current favorite network

Hey guys,

I want to share my Ezarticlelink Review, a great service that has a FREE and PAID version that I both used for Good/GREAT results.
I started using EZA almost a year ago now and I wanted to recommend it a long time ago on the blog. However, back in late March possibly due to the Google Panda update I had lost some rankings done with this service on a few “virgin” domains that I had not done any other form of backlinking.

However, these domains have come back very strong around October and I sent it as an email to those who subscribed to our email list as a thank you. I think some of the strength of this network is because even though it has been super effective for me (jeez that word has to have came out of hundreds of hours of pokemon as a kid…) it’s not heavily promoted unlike the more mainstream networks such as BB/BMR/AR so I figured sending it only to the list wouldn’t be a problem (and I probably overestimate the linkback’s readership impact on destroying and abusing a network :P).

Test results!

I have since started testing it on some new websites I registered a while ago but never did backlinks to. So in October 2011 these also got some quick ranking results, including a 20,000 traffic per month keyword reaching #5 within 3 weeks of promotion and eventually stabilizing at #1 for many months!  This is by far my biggest winner, considering I only used ezarticlelink for it, as a paid subscriber your articles are drip feeded indefinitely in the system so it seems like the 0 to 5 additional backlinks a day were enough to keep it at #1. The monthly fee is paid within 2 days with this website :).

While it’s always fun to show #1 rankings I also wanted to show some other ones where you can see EZA clearly helped by itself and also was able to maintain the mid page rankings over a long period of time. At some point it briefly was #2. I most likely could get a higher ranking at this point if I tried other networks or AMR/BMD.

Finally, a keyword I just started working on from scratch on a 1 month old page, this one is lower competition then the other 2 above though (those I estimate to be around medium):



How does ezarticlelink work?

It’s different from other article syndication services. First off as a free member you HAVE to submit some blogs that the service can post other people’s articles to. You can syndicate articles linking to that domain in the entire network and then you can also have a “post only” domain which as you can guess means it can accept backlinks and does not need to accept articles (perfect for money sites). With the paid version, you get one free “post only” blog. With both versions for every domain you allow posting, you can add a “post only” domain.


– While I very rarely used adsense on the blogs accepting other people’s posts, I did on one and saw no impact on rankings/earnings. However I would recommend you register some new domains and submit them to the system once they are indexed. Or do like I did at the time and use the domains that failed to gain rankings or turned out to be shitty keywords that I lost interest in.


– As a free member your article is sent to 100-200 other blogs and as a paying member it will be distributed very quickly until 300 and then at a rate of 5 blogs per day. You most likely will see ranking changes even as a free member.
– As a paid member you also get 100 Bonus Backlink Credits per submitted article with spin syntax. I have used these a lot to do backlinks to my own backlinks because I saw minor ranking changes when used on my main sites but I like to use them to make my other backlinks more powerful, though since this would be time consuming to do I mostly reserve it for guest posts or links from high PR site I somehow managed to get. These backlinks can be to any URL.

For more information on their service check out the FAQ on the main page and sign up for the free account. I think most of you will find the ranking improvements quite good and will upgrade sooner or later ;).

If you want to ask me any questions about my ezarticle link review feel free to ask in the comments!
Keep linking, Alex