The Harsh Truth About SEO That Will Piss You Off (and How The Big Dogs Really Make Money)

Hey guys Becker here…

Today…I have an EPIC post for you ((This post will make you $10,000 richer by the end of this year if you apply it )

Before I get into this, I have to warn you. While this post/rant will in the end up saving your life when it comes to SEO …at the same time it will make you feel like you been being cheated on by your wife for the past year (okay maybe not that bad! But still!) I have been wanting to write about this for so long, but have not had the right combination of angry words to really give it power

However, after much thought and blueberry beer I have finally came up with the perfect way to express how fucked up SEO is and how to really start using it to make a ton of $$$. So lets get into it!



SEO: The Cult Religion of IM

Alright guys, think about it. Why does everyone who gets into Internet Marketing start off with SEO. The answer is because SEO is the biggest cash cow in the entire Make Money Online Niche for product creators. Here is why attracts so many people

  • It is free
  • Its selling point is having a completely passive income (aka not having to work or learn anything after the initial hump)
  • It is mysterious (No one…and I mean NO ONE actually knows exactly how search engines work)
  • There is promise of massive rewards and anyone can learn how to do it…if they are willing to put in the time and money

Now this is all cool. But, let me tell how this created a huge fucking insane loop for online marketers to exploit. Think of what products creators can get anyway with

  • Since no one knows how SEO really works, online marketers can literally MAKE SHIT UP and push it
  • If a person does not get results, the marketers can blame it on a google patch (panda) or the person not doing it EXACTLY RIGHT
  • Marketers can get people to invest a ton of money while giving zero results in return (Oh, dont worry itll take 6 months for this to kick in)
  • People can virtually make up terms and facts (sandbox, uniqueness, google hates sales pages, you must have 1000 words on a page)

Just like how cult leaders back up their BS by backing it by god, SEO gurus back up their BS with the mysterious almighty Google Ranking

 The result of this is that SEO has created almost the perfect storm for marketers to take advantage of. They have access to a MASSIVE MARKET of desperate buyers, and on top of this they can promote and make laws up based on NOTHING.  There are literally million dollar companies based around absolute bullshit SEO strategies. People are releasing 3 to 4 products a month on completely unbacked SEO theory. This needs to stop..

It is disgusting. SEO products have become the magic weight loss pill of the online world and you are paying the price.

So in this post I want to do 3 things

  • Disprove SEO myths that are wasting you a massive amount of time and money
  • Show you the simple SEO tactics that really work
  • Then show you how real internet marketers make a living online and how you can too (with SEO and several other tactics)

So lets get into it


Dumb Fact One

You must have a huge site full of unique quality content and pages to rank highly in google.

When I first got into this I built a 30 page site full of 300-500 word articles. This took me hours and hours of work, but I did all of it because some guy on the internet said to in his cute little online course. Well…let me show you some stuff…

ALL of these sites rank in the top 5 (and some of them first) for big keywords(14k+ exact matchs) (1 page, crap content) ( 1 main page, and it is a sales page) (1 main page, very little content)

Not only are these websites ranking top 5 for HUGE keywords, they are also kicking the crap out of sites with thousands of pages of quality content! However, every day I log in a forum or read a new SEO strategy book I see these so called gurus  telling newcomers to spend 8 hours a day writing 500 word articles and to create hundreds of pages!

What the fuck is going on! These sites that I showed you are not rare, and they go against every so called SEO law I have ever heard.  The reason why bullshit like this is made up is because overcomplicated processes and crazy theories SELL. People automatically assume ranking highly in Google is a crazy process, and this allows product creators to sell them truck loads of mental masturbation.

Then guess what happens when they are out of this BS. They blame a new patch and create a whole other boat load of premium mind jerk off theory to sell…

Wake up! Look at the sites above! Stop listening to all this crazy mumbo jumbo and look at what is actually working in the rankings…

Dumb Fact 2

You need to buy a ton of SEO tools to even compete in the Google Rankings

When I first got into this, I bought at least $500 dollars worth of so called SEO tools. Guess what my results were…Jack Shit…

The real truth is you MIGHT only need 1 or 2. If you read Panda Dundee, you literally watched me ranked 4 sites on the first page of google using ONLY Blog Blueprint.

One of the main reasons for the mental masturbation I listed above, is to lure newcomers into thinking they need to have an nuclear of arsenal of SEO tools to even think of ranking highly.

Again, the proof is in the pudding…Find a tool that works and then stick to it. You can get access to any tool you need via Fiverr as well for 5 bucks.


Dumb Fact 3

The Panda Patch Destroyed Old Backlinking Strategies and Changed SEO forever…Any Site That Steps Out of Line Shall Perish

Err…..Have you seen Alex? You know the guy on here who is pulling in 5g a month passvely? Well, his SEO strategy is still the exact same strategy that he posted on here almost a year ago (and has been in practice for much longer).

I have seen his sites, they are still getting massive amounts of traffic and are glued to the top of google. Yep…Panda sure changed a lot!

Let me set the record straight. The only noticeable effect I have seen Panda have in search engines is stopping article sites (like Ezine) from ranking highly and changing its focus more towards Wikis and Youtube/social media. Spammy sites like the one I showed you above are STILL ranking!

Unless you own Ezine, stop listening to the people freaking the fuck out over the Panda patch. The tried and true methods still work!


In short..Stop listening to hype and look at what is really working

Look, SEO is simple and there are two methods that I know for a fact work (because they are the ones Alex and I have used on everyone of our sites)


The Becker Strategy

If you checked out Panda Dundee, great you already know it. I do not expect you to have to purchase the book to get the brunt of the strategy though. I will breaking down exactly what I do in case study that I am doing over the next few weeks on here. (It is also shown a bit in the Linked ebook if you are a newsletter subscriber..if your not …fuck you you can check it out here with out subscribing if you want)

I literally spend no more than 30 minutes a day (if that) doing SEO with this strategy. Fuck the gurus and this 4 hours a day bullshit.

The Alex Strategy

Here it is (link). This is the entire strategy Alex uses to rank his sites. It has worked for him over, and over…and over…and over….and errr…over =D


Let me ask you something..

If you knew where a ton of oil was, would you draw up a map to it and give it everyone. Hell no. Well, the big guys of the SEO world are exactly the same. They can make a ton more money selling bread crumbs of their strategie than by giving it away

However, since I am the world sexiest and nicest man.. I want to show you (for freezies) how to real make a killing using SEO (Warning: You are about to have some massive DUH moments)

Foreign SEO

Did you know only 300 million of the worlds 2 billion English speakers live in America?

So riddle me this, why is everyone fighting to the death to rank in the American Google (.com, .net, .org) when there is 1.7 BILLION people in countries that are virtually untapped (India, The Phillipines, UK, Austrailia, Ireland) Also, if you can speak a foreign language holy shit.. (a person that may or may not of wrote here actually got to $500 a day doing this with sites that only needed maybe 100 backlinks) By the way…China has about 1 billion people living there…and they all use computers..(learn Chinese)

Seriously, go check out the keyword tool and look at how many exact match domains for foreign URLs are open for MASSIVE searches

(Also, if you did not know a site with the countries url extension ranks very fast in that countries google search. For example, a .in exact match domain will rank very quickly in which is Indias search engine)


Local SEO

This is crazy. Do you know how easy it is to rank for local search terms ( For example: College Station Dentist, Lawyers near College Station, Cars For Sale In College Station)

You are probably thinking, Becker…these do not have high search volumes. HOLD UP!

  • Do you know how much lawyers pay for a referrals? (Thousands)
  • Do you know how much a Dentist will pay for 5 more clients a month?(Thousands)
  • Can you imagine if everyone in a local area who was looking for a car stumbled upon your site.. Think of the leverage you would have over local car dealers.

So think for a sec. Why are you trying to rank a site about tube socks in google, when there is a lawyer down the street who will pay you 5g a month to rank his site in Google?

This a quote from an SEO consultant I do business with

Dude..this lawyer I do SEO for has a 15k SEO budget a month..and it takes me maybe 3 days a month to do it for him.

(a great book on this is Mario Browns SEO Take Over course)


Making Massive Email Lists

So, lets assume you have a site ranking at the top of Google. On average, a person will only come to your site once and they may or may not click any of your adsense ads (which may pay you .30 cents..yippee!)

Then POOF! they are gone forever, never to make you money again…Depressing right?

Would it not be great if you had a way to make money off them over and over? I mean you already know what they are interested in based on the keyword you ranked for. How simple would it be to make money off them if you could constantly show them things they would likely buy?… To bad that is not possible..


Did you know on average, a person on an email list generates a dollar a month in income? What if your list had 3,000 people on it in 4 months…wait wait…what if it had 9,000 in a year…Holy shit balls…What if it had 15,000+ after two years….and what if you had 3 of these list

Email list can become your biggest money tree and they just keep growing! Stop thinking of the .30 cent click you can get from 1 visitor and start focusing on the 12 bucks he can make you this year!


That is all I got today guys! Hope you liked my 10 page rant!