High PR Private Blog Network – Linkamotion Review

linkamotion reviewLinkamotion is a private high PR blog network that I have been using over the past months. This service is a lot like BMR or Blog Blueprint. Similar to Blog blueprint, it allows you to submit spun articles (instead of 100% unique articles as BMR requests) to the owner’s private blog network.  I like to try services like these because it’s a lot of additional ip addresses that can link to your site that you can’t get any other way.

How Does it Work?

With linkamotion you need to submit 150+ word posts that contain one link towards your site. you can have up to 10 “projects” which are basically different websites you want to receive links to. Each project will posts 5 of it’s assigned uploaded blog posts per day so you can have 5 posts/day * 10 times = 50 posts a day published to the owner’s network. It has a bit more flexibility then BB for uploading spun articles and my favorite method is the one in the video below where I use a program called “macro gamer” to simply do the repetitive task of submitting a spun article in TBS to the linkamotion blog network wordpress installation. Once that’s done, I select all 20 posts per pages and put them as “pending review” and in the correct project.

What I like most about the network:

Very clean and simple UI to use since it’s basically wordpress. Once you have your “macros” setup to upload your articles it’s very quick. I let it running on my portable while on my main computer.

What I wish they added

It’s too bad that as far as I know they do not have a way to find unindexed posts. They say they build backlinks to your posts and it might be true because I do see a fairly good indexation rate but it would be nice to know ALL the url’s so I can get them all indexed and boosted :).



I saw medium results. What I basically mean by this is that I used it for many of my websites over the 10 projects and I saw ranking increases for all of them steadily over time. Some page 3+ rankings getting to page 1, some #3-5 rankings getting to #1-3 etc. I don’t think this is one of the only networks someone should use but it’s definitely on par with Article Ranks as far as results go. Nothing amazing but definitely helpful. After about 3 months I probably used a lot of the Linkamotion network so I am trying out blog blueprint as a replacement now as my next “high PR private blog network” since links from the same sources have diminishing returns… So far my results with BB are not superior to linkamotion but it’s only been 3 weeks and BB does offer links to all the submitted articles, I’ll be trying to get them indexed and maybe the results will be superior.

As a newbie, I think AMR is still a must have purchase but after that, cycling months between Linkamotion/AR/And BB if I get the same results as Becker :), is probably a good idea.

If you want to see how I use macro gamer to make uploading articles look at below:

Link to download macro gamer:


Let me know if you have any questions! Also if you have certain networks you would like me to try let me know, I have a few in mind currently that I want to try, I might add yours to the list.