How I build Backlink Networks using free blogs & domains

A lot of people these days use software like senuke or magic submitter to create single pages on free blog networks ( etc) but i never found these to be useful done in this way.


linkwheel example

Linkwheel example

Not only do you have to put extra effort into getting these indexed but a lot of times they get deleted because they are obviously spam. WordPress does a great job at this, they are also my most powerful web 2.0 blog when done properly… After a month or so my articles always get indexed very quickly and my 1 year old blog has a Pr2 now which shows that they can become some good sources of backlinks over time :).

Sooo how do i use these services? First off, this is something i rarely do, i did it three times right now for competitive keywords (meaning 3 networks for a few related keywords in different niches) because i feel its a waste of time for 90%+ of keywords i target and it also takes many months to get these backlinks ready.

If you are on your first website, you might want to give creating web 2.0s a shot, they can work but do not put too much time here for weak keywords! These are a good long term bonus to keywords that ideally at least have 5-10k+ searches amonth, or are great buyer keywords that are well targeted for your affiliate site. meaning you can go way lower… Obviously if you are selling a product that 50% of your visitors buy than something like 1000 searches is amazing for you.


Basically the idea is to build a blog network. Some would call it a link wheel and build their little one page network over a few minutes using automated programs but i interlink my network over many months (one of them is four months old with only a few links between them and none to my website for now). Basically what i do is over a week i will probably create 5 free blogs and put an article on them. Often, i put a unique article on these because when i hire writers i try a lot of them out in various topics so the one that i do not feel are quality enough for my main websites i post on these networks because they are readable and unique. The other advantage is i can re-use these articles a few weeks later to get backlinks from ezine articles and other article directories to link back to these new blogs for initial backlinks and hopefully get them all indexed.

A few weeks later i will probably post another article, preferably unique again so i can reuse them for backlinks but this one might be spinned or at the very least be an article from elsewhere with a few sentences of introduction added. On my free blogs i usually start interlinking them on my second or third article. If i am building a website network with paid domains etc on different ip address (this is way more advanced but I have been building one over the past 5 months) than i would wait much longer, probably 5 posts and also 6 months.

Eventually i link them from in text links but i am considering site wide links in the future because i have seen a competitor for my website ranking for great keywords using sitewide links off many blogger accounts. I think he is dumb in that they are all linked by the same adsense account but after many months they all seem alive but thats a risk i do not take. Either way, ill probably try sitewide links done this way in the future but i saw some ranking changes using in text links.

Also, if you are using other domains a few security precautions I take is:

1) They do not have adsense accounts

2) They have private registration at the domain registrar (you got it free for one year with every new domain at

3) You can use spin/copied content if you want to but I think unique content will give you better results and it will make for some easy backlinks from article directories like ezine articles.

This is a more advanced subject than other backlinking methods on this website. Probably not something most should worry about if you are not currently not making a “lot” of money (it takes a lot of time management skills, at least for me since I do a lot of this manually). I like to try out different things so that’s one of the things I have in mind over the past few months. I’ve seen success with my free blog networks and 4 month old “content cluster” websites. I bought a few aged domains with PR over the past months that I’ll probably use for some keywords as a test soon.

BTW, if you buy aged domains you want to have private registration on them ASAP! I had some go to PR0 a few weeks later. however, they gained back most of their PR (but not all) with the latest Google update… Anyway, the ones with private registration lost nothing so it seems like a better idea to get it :).


So in conclusion, instead of doing like all the senuke or magic submitter newbs who blast hundreds of web 2.0 blogs and wonder why they do not get indexed or see much ranking improvements, focus on a few long term blogs ( some would call this a content cluster). I would not put time into this if you are making under $50/day but if you are targeting hard keywords to rank for this is probably another strategy you can try.


Stay tuned for my next post, I’ll be revealing someone’s impressive private blog network that he uses to rank for massive keywords that probably make him a fortune.