How To Get Unlimited Free Likes, Google +1 And More

Hey guys, I’ve been looking into social signals for my websites to see if they helped with rankings and what not and after buying a lot of Fiver gigs a while ago I found this website which is pretty awesome. You guys probably seen this type of website where you trade likes and what not but I really like this one because I can use a simple youtube viewing bot and just accumulate hundreds of points while cooking or reading a book :P.

free facebook likesNo need to use real accounts or create fake accounts that risk getting banned every now and then. You can also get some free points everyday for just logging in if you don’t want to bother with botting the youtube views :). You could also just use the website viewer for points but I was a bit hesitant, who knows if some of those don’t have a virus or malware…

Hope you guys enjoyed, you can get macrogamer for free here. It’s a forum post. Let me know if you guys find other creative use for macrogamer or some other cool stuff that you use on They recently added a lot of new stuff like pinterest followers so I might give that a try soon :). The link on this page is an affiliate link that gives me some bonus points if you sign up, not that it matters since I let the bot run every now and then while cookingΒ  but I wanted to mention for full disclosure!