How to Make Your Site Convert At Crazy Levels: Affiliate Marketing Meltdown Part 2

Hey guys Becker here!

I am as excited as balls right now because I truly believe this post is going to take a lot of people from the >20 dollars a day mark to the <100 dollars a day mark almost instantly. There is a ton of info here and I busted my ass and spent a good sum of money to test/aquire it. Hope you guys enjoy the shit storm of value!

The Secret To Making Money Off Your Visitors

The Blue Print For Conversions

The Site and Its Future

Right now Ink Inspector is only receiving highly targeted paid traffic (it is 1 day old and is already making 120+ a day profit…) However, I plan to do a SEO take over of the tattoo niche over the next 2 months. And guess fucking what, I am gonna be showing you exactly how I do it..

Resources For Creating Sites Like this

I know not everyone is and expert at creating good looking wordpress sites. If your not, you can use one of these 2 themes. They have the highest conversion rates of any themes I have.

Review Theme 1.0(affiliate link)

This is the theme I used, I edited the coding a bit but it is the shit. ( Here is a non-affiliate link) All you have to do is plugin in the picture and write a short review, then boom your done

Google Blue Link Colors

Like I said the Google Blue color converts very highly. Here is the exact color code so you can make links like it (#2200c1)

Sweet Review WordPress Plug in

Here is a plugin that will allow you to put in a visual rating system in your post (

Review Site Design

We also design custom review sites (full site design, high converting products selected and reviews written for you) in the services section.


Cheers to Conversion!

That is all I got for you today guys. Thanks for reading!