Introduction to Product Creation and Marketing (Is 10,000 a Month realistic? Income Report Inside)

A Taste of the Potential of SEO+Product Creation+ Solid Marketing

Screen Shot of Me and My 2 Partners Earnings over 2 monthes From 3 Products

My Profit From Product Sale From a Single Site (not College Flirt..)

So lets get started….

What is up guys Becker here,

First off, that is the one and only time I will EVER post the income of myself or the guys I partner with. I did not post this to brag, it is just the fact that I know when I was starting out one of the most annoying things about reading blogs like this is not knowing if the authors really walk as well as they talk. Did you know that most internet marketers make their money by teaching people how to do Internet marketing. Thats right, they don’t make a fucking dime using the techniques they preach! Glen Allsop of ViperChill pointed this out to me and its hilarious..

Anyways, it is time for that to change. What I want to do here on Link Back with Alex is help you guys become the most lethal motherfuckers on the planet when it comes to making money online. I have been doing this for aboutΒ  8 Months (do not get me wrong I have been blessed and helped by some great people) and I want to show you exactly how to do this. It did involve some luck, but I want to show you how to create that luck.


With That Being Said Lets Look at What This Series Will Cover…

I want to get this all collected in logical order. So what I am going to is step by step show you how to go about creating a product and then exactly how I market it. I will not be focusing on SEO or site creaton (If you would like to learn about that check out the A-Z guide! It is the guide that actually got me started) since Alex is basically is the beez kneez when it comes to teaching that.

I want to get one thing clear though before I start. I am not going to sell you shit, nor am I going to use my marketing skills to advertise anything to you. This purely because I want to help you andΒ  because it makes me feel cool at night =D )

So this will be the series in this order

Finding a Market and Researching Your Customer

Finding the Best Place to Market Your Product

Creating High Quality Products In Days (That actually help people)

Finding Affiliates to Sell Your Product For You or Creating a Page that Converts


How Does This Sound?

Again this completely for you guys. If you want to change up the parts of the series or are interested in other stuff let me know! I am fucking pumped right now for this and I hope this post gets you excited as well.

Ill see you in the first part of the series this Sunday!

Keep Linking,