June Income Report – A New Service and a New Experiment

I’ve been taking a bit of time off. My VA needed 2 weeks off due to family issues and I did not feel like doing much else because right now I’m waiting on seeing the results of my web 2.0 networks (that I gave a preview to in last month’s income report) and their effect on rankings. So far simply doing article submissions and linking directly to my websites still seems the best, at least for quick rankings. A problem I see since panda is that a I see a lot of fluctuations in rankings compared to before. Before, I would stay at a certain rank (whether #1 or #4 or whatever) and stay there for a week + before seeing ranking changes. Now I see a lot of fluctuations and it’s harder to hold onto #1 rankings. Originally my strategy (back in 2010) was to target a lot of keywords that had 2k to 20k or so searches even if they had poor CPC because I figured traffic would be good. However it just seems like a lot of effort to hold unto #1 rankings in those for the past months which is why I started targeting much harder keywords that should have higher rewards back in April/May or so when I had restarted doing keyword research. Anyway, I feel for these new keywords doing web 2.0 networks while time consuming should hopefully end up being useful, we’ll see.  As I said, so far the newer websites that I simply did article submission to directories/networks are ranking higher then the ones I did web 2.0s to (those web 2.0s have a lot of article links to them …).


Anyway, here’s the income report for June:

adsense june results$3470 Adsense

$80 Clickbank

$203 off Amazon affiliate sales

$91 Infolinks

$3,844 total from my adsense blogs.

$ from http://thelinkback.com

$40 sale of AMR

$107 UAW

$71 Article Ranks

$315 TKA affiliate payment

$533 from this blog

$4,377 total.

The numbers are lower this month since I did not receive any hosting commissions unlike last month, hostgator is slower in sending affiliate payment.

Anyway, this month I’ll probably be submitting almost all my sites to more article submissions (directories, Article ranks, UAW etc). I haven’t really done many backlinks in June and mostly put my time into working on this blog and looking for new backlink services.


linkamotionLinkamotion looks like a great service. I saw some good reviews on it so I decided to give it a try. It’s $47 per month and allows unlimited backlinks. Though they cap it at like ~350/month or so per project which basically means a domain, however I would not send more backlinks to the same domain per month anyway honestly. All articles can only have one backlinks but only need to be 100+ words. You can also submit spun articles as long as they are HEAVILY spun., basically every word with 2-4 alternatives for optimum chances of them getting approved. The articles are manually approved and then sent to their Pr2+ blog network. Obviously, being able to submit spun content to a high PR network sounds great so I’m looking forward to the results.

Backlink source comparison test:

I’ve also started 5 new websites in the same niche that I will rank for the same keywords using different services. I will be ranking the main domain for 2 keywords and one inner page on each of these domains for another 2 keywords.

Site 1) UAW

Site 2) AMR

Site 3) UAW+ AMR (basically to see if UAW is worth keeping for the extra non article directory sites it has over AMR)

Site 4) Linkamotion

Site 5) Not sure yet, maybe a web 2.0 networks that receives backlinks from a variety of sources like I’m currently doing for my main sites.

The main point of this experiment is to see how effective UAW is since it’s quite an expensive monthly payment vs the one time off fee of AMR. The websites are a bit about 1 month old now so I’ll probably start doing these backlinks by the end of July.

time to travelI’m still aiming for $10k/month by the end of the year, I think the websites done in May are about ready yo be heavily worked on now and hopefully will rank high enough by the end of the year to reach my goal :). I’m planning on traveling a lot in about a month, visit Europe and Sourth America for weeks or months (if I enjoy it) so I might have to do a bit of extra work before I leave so I don’t work more then 2-3 hours a day ;).