New Keyword Research Videos – Niche Refinery Gone 4 EVAR

niche refinery is goneHey guys, so as many of you have pointed out to me, niche refinery has been retired. Not only that, but if you have been using the keyword tool dominator tool it is also down… Quite annoying but truthfully the reason I did not really notice these updates until pointed it out to me is because for the past 4 months I have only been using the free Google keyword tool. Prior to that, if you go back around my March or April income reports you can see that both of those months I was doing extensive keyword research so for those 2 months it was worth using SEMrush/niche refinery(TKA) and Secockpit.

UPDATE: If you are interested, secockpit currently seems to have a 5 day trial for $1.

secockpitI did not officially mention Secockpit before because I felt it was too expensive at $77/month for what you were getting over niche refinery as far as a newbie is concerned (which was the majority of the visitors at the time I think). However it’s definitely a VERY well done tool that not only gives you MUCH more accurate competition measures (way beyond only using PR) thanks to the SeoMoz metrics it uses but it can also show you if the exact match is available (good luck finding any decent EMD’s in english these days though…). Maybe some of you use market samurai, ya it’s a decent tool but for keyword research/seo competition it takes way too much time for finding niches/testing a lot of keywords.


Anyway, as mentioned I only have used it the 2 months that I was really drilling down to find new niches and I mostly used a combination of SEMrush with Secockpit. Since then I just use the google keyword tool, most of the time it’s fine for my needs. I made a video on keyword research using the free google keyword tool that will be in a new video series guide me and Becker are making in the future. Under that, I also recorded a video on secockpit for those interested in knowing more about it. If you feel you are ready to commit a lot of time in a month for keyword research I would recommend the investment, though as I show in the first video the free google keyword tool is fine for my needs.

Btw, I also mention how I now use the contextual KE tool to correctly evaluate the CPC for adsense ads on the display network (your websites). I was going to save this for my KW research ebook but with the retirement of niche refinery a big part of my methods at the time are now over :(.

Finally, if you are interested in doing some extensive keyword research I would recommend using Secockpit which will save some analysis time but honestly, unless you are dealing with a large # of KW I do not bother with other tools. For niche ideas though I would still definitely recommend SEMrush and spy on the big website’s keywords, I found some great jewels when I did that early this year.

UPDATE: If you are interested, secockpit currently seems to have a 5 day trial for $1.

Here’s a link for secockpit and if you don’t want me to make any money here’s a non affiliate link which does not include a trial.
Thanks for reading, I would really appreciate your questions and comments on this topic, I’m not sure how clear I was with the KW research video, maybe I will make an ad don to it for the new guide depending on what you guys think.

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