Linxboss Review – Is $147 worth 1000 per month automatic backlinks to your websites?

linxboss review for backlinksSo as I mentioned in my April income report, I have been testing some new services and one of these is the controversial linxboss. I say controversial because I read about this service almost a year ago and always saw some people say it works great, especially that it’s 100% automated and others who say it is quite bad and does nothing. Anyway I waited until about 2 months ago to finally give it a shot as I heard from someone I trust that it has been working for him.


So what do you get with linxboss?

You get 1000 backlinks spread between 5 domains each month. Which means up to 200 backlinks per website. After that, you then can divide those backlinks between multiple url’s and anchor texts. So, if you want to fully benefit from linxboss you definitely want at least 5 domains to promote or someone you can “rent” slots to. Anyway, a few other features of linxboss are that they will track ranking changes for the url’s you want to promote and also offer an unlimited amount of “links to your existing links” or L4L as they call it. If you want to go above the call of duty, they will also track your competitors links and tell you all the do follow links they get so you can check them out and in the case of article directories/guest posts/ blog comments you can probably get the same thus nullifying the advantage they might have over you in terms of backlinks and creating more than them over time. This is a pretty unique feature but ultimately is dependent on how much time you are willing to invest in it. It’s definitely something important that many aspiring SEO people need to do, and most simply do not whether they use linxboss or not.

Anyway, theirs not much to say about submitting articles or whatever to this service since it’s all automatic but if you want an idea of how they create links for you, they basically pull random articles and submit them to their network of sites with your backlinks in them. So each month you’ll have (basically) 200 articles pointing to one of your 5 domains with the anchor texts you specified.

So here are the ranking changes I saw using linxboss from screenshots within their service.

first url using linxboss


Not really anything interesting, this was a test done on 2 url’s with 3 anchor texts each. One of the url’s had pre existing backlinks from article submissions and the other (the top 3) I never did any backlinks to until I used linxboss a few months later. So sadly, it really did not change any rankings for this website.

Second url using the linxboss service

So this was one of my newer websites done in April or so. I did not create any backlinks to this url until the start of the second month when I started using linxboss and figured this would be a good test. So this one has had an increase of rankings but is it due to linxboss or time simply passing by? I personally think that this shows that linxboss can help somewhat with rankings but keep in mind this is a pretty low competition term, I’ve been doing a lot of keywords in this niche since I started in April and I get top 50 rankings for a lot of those keywords based on only a few article backlinks (ezine, go articles, hubpages etc). I had also not done any other backlinks to this domain at this point so the ranking changes did not occur because of the domain becoming a bigger authority, besides that it aged a few months…

Third url of linxboss rankingsSo for this test I decided to do it on one of my 1+ year old website with a large source of backlinks. I figured this would be an ideal candidate to test if the Link4link feature could help rankings on this one in addition to the 200 backlinks that it sends every month. The first 3 keywords saw a decrease (they are linked to the same URL) and the second group of 3, well 2 of them saw an increase. So not too bad but once again, very hard to say if linxboss was the cause of this , I did not do any other major source of backlinks to these url’s besides maybe a few articles I submitted a few months ago still being spread around (UAW, AR can take a while).


Sad face about linxbossUltimately, I’m gonna discontinue using linxboss.

I feel these results for $147 a month make it really hard to judge if this service is worth using or not and when I keep a service it’s when I 100% KNOW it has helped in rankings. In this case, I just feel I see too many other reasons why the rankings increased and ultimately these are pretty low value links. From my second example they compare to article directories and why would I pay $147 for those links? Sure it’s automated but I could just send an article in AMR to all those directories and the only cost would be writing/buying the article and getting spin syntax in it. Ultimately it’s an individual decision if you want this service, I can’t say I vouch for it but it does save you time in finding your competitor’s urls thanks to its automatically filled up Offset section. I would probably keep it if it was $60 or less but at almost $150… That’s a lot of money. Honestly, I tried this service because at the time I wanted to try backlink services that would not add more time expense on my side so I was prepared to pay high to get some of my free time back but this is not the solution for me.

I think a better alternative in that mindset (paying a lot of $ but having something done for you near 100%) is to use this seonuking service at $200/month. Which as I reported in that same April income report, has worked for me before I replaced them by hiring my own VA. However, this is not something I recommend if you are not making much money, it’s an expensive service until you reach the point where time and not money is a problem for you. It’s a good bridge service between submitting articles to article distribution services and hiring someone part time/full time to do it for you. You probably can get someone for less working part time to do that work but you will have to train him, make sure he communicates with you and deal with hiring a suitable candidate etc. If you do go that route, make sure to get written records of all the instructions you gave and video backups so if you have to hire someone else at least the training part will be less demanding :).