Making new Websites – Video on Keyword Research Using SEcockpit

Hey guys, after not doing much SEO related work in the past 3 months as I mentioned in my last post on SEO/Adsense I’m starting to work hard on it again. With public blog networks possibly losing a lot of power in the future I really want to consolidate my website “portfolio” to websites I want to work on in the future. So those 5 page websites that have been passively making me $5-20 a day? Time to sell them because I’ve been losing rankings on these “stagnant” websites in the past 3-8 months and while they don’t do a lot of my overall income (less than 20%) they could definitely be sold for $1,000 + on flippa which is about a years worth of income from each of them if you calculate $100 per month (each of them averages around that) * 10 months which is the bare minimum formula to sell adsense websites on Flippa (that I see thrown around anyway). It’s very easy to take over an adsense website for a potential buyer so they tend to get a higher price. Especially when you can prove that all your traffic is free and has been existent for 3-6+ months (aka not just a lucky month you were #1 on Google).

Anyway, more on Flippa at a later date… I might do a post on my experience with it. I’m probably gonna sell 2-4 websites.

New websites – Keyword Research

So I’m looking to at most only work on about 3-4 blogs/websites in the future and thinking of which ones I want to focus on.

I recently started getting into the topic of lucid dreaming (aka controlling your dreams) and I figured maybe I should do a website about it. I mean I already have to record my dreams and other things I am trying as part of the experience and maybe it’s a decent niche.

I’m currently back to using Secockpit for keyword research (that’s my affiliate link that provides a 5 day trial) since I have a lot of keyword research to do this month for new/existing websites and while I like the free google keyword tool, it’s not the best use of your time when you are dedicating a lot of time to keyword research. Time is money hour glassEspecially when you are making money online and the more time you have (with good time management and using software/VA’s that help you) the more money you can eventually earn. I had done a semrush review about a year ago (crazy how it’s been almost exactly a year since the last time I’ve done a lot of keyword research…What’s up with me deciding to work full time on IM when April kicks in??) and I made a new video around using secockpit to help with keyword research today.

Even if you don’t want to use Secockpit but are interested in learning more about keyword research, make sure to still watch the video because I go into the whole mindset I use when looking for new niches or keywords for my sites.

I think a lot of people are stuck on the keyword research phase so hopefully this video sheds some light on the process. UPDATE: I forget about some of the columns in Secockpit, I made an image below explaining how I use them to quickly analyze keywords in terms of competition.

Secockpit column explanation

With yahoo backlinks having being phased out over the last year Secockpit is definitely a bit more important in the process of analyzing your competition but as a newbie I would not waste too much time with those values because you don’t have much experience knowing what you can beat or not anyway… Either way, things in SEO are not black and white so a lot of the time I try to aim for keywords that in the top3 have some lame IM guy ranking that does not truly care (that definitely counts me in for a few niches my small sites are in… Which is why I want to sell those sites and focus 100% on the ones I want to work on). I know that I can beat him and if my content/website is better people will choose my site over his in the search engines. While this is not “perfect” by google currently they will definitely go more and more towards this approach as they perfect the panda updates and other algorithm tweaks they do each week/month.

When you start and need to learn a lot of broad experiences, make a few websites on different topics/niches and try to rank on many keywords, starting with the ones you might have personal interest in.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions. Any subjects you guys would like to see in future posts?

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