Moving to a new domain – New co admin

As you guys have probably noticed, Fingerman has stopped doing IM for a while now and is just enjoying the joy of traveling off his passive income for many months now and has not really done any type of IM for a while. While that’s all good I’ve always really wanted to have a blog with someone else where we share ideas and work together to make it a big hub of information and share information with viewers via comments/forum posts.


So, many months ago I helped Alex Becker with some SEO tips, he was really interested in doing IM and had already started a few blogs and followed the principles of keyword research most users on this site or who read on TKA know about. Anyway, fast forward to now and he has been doing very well for himself and also has developed expertise in areas where I frankly did not put much time into so much. He has worked on establishing big blogs, managing email lists, creating products and leveraging many other traffic sources then only Google. For these reasons, I think we will make a great team where I specialize in the keyword research/SEO side of things while he has more knowledge on sales letter, email lists, social media and such. Together we are hoping to provide information on the diverse areas of internet marketing and provide something that everyone can probably relate to and choose to specialize themselves in when making a living online.

Because of this, I believe we need a new domain name that is more brandable (because frankly or PIS is not that cool :P). For this reason we are moving to UPDATE: changed to We will be moving the posts shown on here over there.

Besides adding more content around IM at a much more frequent pace between the two of us, right now we are redesigning the guides to be more newbie friendly and hopefully more complete because we still get so many questions on it.

I’ll probably be doing a domain redirect to there in the next few days, once everything is properly transferred. I’ll transfer the forums too of course, especially to make sure the preserve the journals of all those who have been tracking their progress :).



Thanks for the feedback guys, one thing I want to mention is the idea about changing the domain name is that our combined blog will not only be about SEO. I’ll be talking about SEO as much as usual but he will be blogging about the other aspects of IM that might hit home with other people. Principles like building an email list, optimizing for conversions etc are all important to properly manage your traffic (which with SEO is easy to gain, but time consuming as we know…).

Anyway, that’s the idea behind changing a name. I feel it’s necessary to showcase that the website is about more than SEO but maybe not…?

What about the template change, black background vs white background (which will mostly be the only difference), some dislike it, I personally find it just to be different, any other comments on this?

As for the sales type stuff, we both agree we will not showcase products on the banner or whatever, it’s just a basic template but our goal is to provide a blog with content on diverse areas of IM. Keyword research, building a website that converts (adsense, email lists or products),  driving traffic to it (seo and more).