My Introduction!! and A Guide To Getting The Most Out of Fiverr SEO Services

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How to Cut Your SEO Expenses With Fiverr

What is up guys, first post…zomg

This is not the biggest secret in Internet Marketing right now, but I know a vast majority of people who are getting into this have never heard of Fiverr ( zero affilation). I mean, why would you? It is mostly a site where people do all sorts of crazy shit for 5 dollars. Here is some of the insanity that is sold there on a frequent basis.

Anyways… as enticing as getting a girl to dance in a hot dog costume may be, Fiverr actually has some insane potential when it comes to SEO and marketing. Some of the SEO offers on there are worth 50+ dollars if you were to get them from a more professional service. Thankfully, people are more than willing to whore themselves and their SEO services out on here for 1/10th the price..I like that

Before Fiverr the only real way to find freelance people for cheap SEO services was to scour IM forums looking for random people offering SEO type products for whatever prices they wanted. The worst part about this is that you had no way of knowing if the people you were buying from were legit or not. This was annoying, awful, and stinky all at the same time.

Because of this I usually stuck to using professional services. One package I consistently bought was from a SEO company that charged 8 dollars for 40 PR4+ backlinks. This was actually a awesome deal too!

Then I found this on Fivver..for 5 bucks

Long story short, Fiverr is basically eliminating the need to spend money on SEO services or hiring a VA. This saves me so much time and money. There have been days where I have woke up, decided I did not want to do SEO this week and then dropped 20 bucks at Fiverr. For 20 bucks my site got

300 High PR social bookmarks

50 EDU and Gov backlinks

3300 high PR pyramid back links (by pyramid it means only 200 of those links linked to my site. All the other were spread out in a spider web linking strategy. Very similar to Pat Flynn SEO strategy)

500 Article backlinks and an article spun for me. (Yes.. the guy actually spins your articles for you, then submits it as well…5 dollars probably puts his kids through college though…so =P )

My time means a lot to me and for 20 bucks I was able to spend more time focusing on important stuff like product creation and networking. ( By the way, a package like this costs about 200+ dollars at a traditional SEO service site…yeah fuck them.. )

Anyways, I just wanted to share this little gem with anyone who does not currently know about it. Right now, this is basically how I do a lot of my SEO when I am feeling lazy. To save you a bit more time here is a list of the most consistent sellers on the site. (There is a money back guarantee on any deal made, but I dont like wasting time with dick wads)

300 High PR social bookmarking links

50 EDU and GOV Backlinks (very potent)

3300 Backlink pyramid

Get Your Article Spun and Submitted to 1200 sites

(WARNING: If you have a very new domain, please remember massing backlinks like this is a bad idea. I really recommend manually back linking for the first 2 months. Use offers like this on older domains)

Other Cool Stuff

Another cool thing I really like about Fiverr is you can get people to do any graphic work, promoting, or well…any shit you could possibly ever need for your site. I do all my own graphic work (isnt link back pretty?) but I know this is a god send for people who do not know photoshop!

What did you think?

Wooo… First article done. I hope you guys enjoyed this. What would you like to see in the future? In my next article I want to talk about about how to create a product for your websites that will have the highest conversion rate possible. Sound good?

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