October Income Report – Ohhh adsense why must you be so…

Ahhh another month over :). Time flies by, SEO hybrid is almost done and should be released shortly.Ā  I also have a bookmarking demon review that should be up soon but I contacted the owner to possibly get a discount so I’m waiting on an answer for that before posting it. This month is actually my 2nd worse month ever in terms of adsense, very weird. I’ll post the results below and explain what happened after ;).

October Niche sites income

adsense october$2,406 from adsense

$221 infolinks

$175 CPA offer (wow that went up a lot this month, I guess they changed their salespage and it converts way better now :D)

$51 Amazon

~$225 from clickbank

Total from niche sites: 3,078 (-$464 from last month)

$225 TKA

$95 Article Ranks

$22 Seo cockpit

$174 The best spinner (I see a lot of people took advantage of the half off discount at the beginning of the month šŸ˜‰ )

$60 Semrush

~$150 clickbank (Mostly article marketing robot)

Total from the link back: $726 (+261)

Grand total : $3,804 (-203)

What happened to Adsense???

banning adsense advertiser urlsSo ya basically as you can see the big drop in earnings is mostly from Adsense. Almost everything else has been converting really well this month, cpa offers, clickbank etc. However, for some reason my ecpm has dropped more then 25% on my biggest site (and like 10-15% or so on my second biggest one). I guess shitty advertisers have been clogging up my ads on my bigger sites :(. Traffic has also gone down a bit towards the latter half of the month but the drop in ecpm is really the most annoying.

Not much I can do about it but at a friend’s suggestion I will try to ban some advertiser url’s soon. He told me he was able to get his ecpm back up by going to sites like http://www.labnol.org/google-adsense-sandbox/, checking what type of ads are displayed on your site, noting the url’s and then going to http://www.keywordspy.com and banning those that seem to have low CPC for their ads under domain. I have not really done it yet so I cannot give more information then that but for those who want to try, basically you want to put the url’s with CPC’s under $.5 in your adsense interface so those advertisers are banned. Honestly, I have not been working much on these sites this month but I will probably do it if the ecpm does not go back up soon.

What’s happening this month!

IĀ  have been working hard on my new mobile app business and finishing SEO hybrid. I also decided to no longer have a VA. I’m at the point with my bigger websites that more links from many blog networks does not always = higher rankings. Backlinks are still VERY important for my sites made in 2011 but for the older one it seems that it basically reached a point of diminishing returns and I want to let them rest because while no Google Panda update has destroyed my sites, I do get inner pages/important keywords constantly experiencing minor Google dances of position #1-5. It’s hard to be certain about what is happening here, do I have too many backlinks vs my competitors over the past ~year and a half? Too many do follow links? Not enough anchor text diversity? Or is Google just hating on me for now like it did in February 2011?

seo hybridNow that I no longer have a VA, a lot of my time in October was on SEO hybrid and now that that’s done 75% of my time will be on my mobile App that I am doing with a local business partner for local businesses (more on that at a later date…). I am learning a lot about PPC/sales page since my main goal is to make sure a lot of people download the app (it’s free but people need to be made aware of it of course šŸ™‚ ). Of course, a VA can not help me much with that for now since before outsourcing anything you have to make sure you master/know what you want to do and the best way to do it yourself.

For those having trouble writing articles

If you have TBS, John (the creator) probably sent you an email about jiffy articles. He released a new “article template” service that is called jiffy articles. Since it’s in beta and free I gave it a try and it seems pretty cool. I want to create some free ebooks to give away in exchange for signups to my email list on my niche sites (because I don`t want to rely so heavily on adsense in the future) so I was looking at inspiration for articles around topics like “5 mistakes everyone does about xniche” or whatever and the basis seem quite good. BTW, I probably am not going to have someone write these for me, as much as I would love to I’m starting to go back to the old ways of writting my own content that is engaging. Either I do it myself or I pay someone a lot more then usual who will write me some informative/engaging content…

By the way, I really admire John Ledger’s stuff both as a customer and a marketer… Not only is TBS an amazing tool that seems to constantly be updated (I really love TBS 3.0 and it’s new duplicate content/grammar checkers) but making such a great selling tool on a YEARLY subscription must be amazing for his revenues :). He also has a lot of other software that I personally do not use but must give him quite a good income too. If some of you are programmers I definitely think going that route is a great way to make money online. Or, hire a programmer to do a software for you and market it properly :).

That’s it for this month’s report! Hopefully adsense picks up next month!