Quick update on AMR, Captcha Free, The Challenge and Fiver fun!

AMR Bonus for those who bought using my affiliate link

thank you for buying AMRI’ve been compiling a big list of article directories that I got from various sources and added to AMR as you can see on my article marketing robot review post. As thanks for If you bought AMR from an affiliate link on this site (basically any link linking to the AMR site, I used to always cloak them but in the future I’ll offer non affiliate links for new stuff I recommend) use the contact form and let me know the click bank receipt # or something and I’ll email you it. I’m also going to start doing actual backlinks to this site using all the tools I recommend, starting off with trying to rank that post for the review keyword, we’ll see what happens.

Wp captcha free bug

wp captcha free pingback bugA long time ago I use to compile “pingbacks” to my wordpress blogs from articles distributed and send them to indexing services to help get more power from my backlinks. However, eventually this stopped happening and I was wondering why but did not put much thought into this. As it so happens, wp captcha free BLOCKS these pingbacks so I replaced it with akismet a while ago and it’s doing a great job at keeping spam away while allowing pingbacks (which are different from trackbacks that you guys are probably seeing spammed to your blogs…).

Anyway, I’ll soon be compiling these pingbacks for all the submissions I did in august and send them to backlinks indexer. I’ll do this for the previously linked warrior forum case study too and we’ll see how much of a ranking change it does :). When I do it I’ll do a blog post about how I compile these links, indexing rate using a few different methods and we’ll have proof whether this helps rankings or not. Who knows, maybe the articles that did not get indexed simply come from websites that do not give any link juice even if the article

The Challenge from Ed Dale has started.

The challenge is a yearly free training tool given by Ed Dale and Co. Fingerman was exposed to making money online from this and later on when I asked him about it he recommended me to check it out too. So we both started using their yearly training. I recommend it if only for the niche/keyword research ideas. It does have other modules but as readers of this blog you are probably very familiar with many of them, including things such as installing google analytics, applying for adsense etc. However they also have great videos on how to become a “market leader”. Useful for those going for the passion website approach that TKA is recommending nowdays. I am myself inside this approach nowadays, as should everyone but… in my personal belief… only after you had some initial success and are making a few$/day so you know this is possible and will not get discouraged.

Having Fun using Fiver:

Here’s a video of a preacher talking abouthttp://thelinkback.com that I ordered :). Really starting to enjoy fiver, I had a guy design me some logos for my header and favicons onĀ  a few of my sites.