If You Read This Post…You Will Make Money Online

Hey guys Becker here… With a pretty big promise

Read this post and you WILL make money online.

You HAVE to listen to this as you read..

However, again this is gonna be another epic post and I promise you that if you get to the end of it success (in IM or any other venture you take) will be not only probable but virtually guaranteed.

Hold Up..This Will Not Be That Simple

This strategy is not some 5 easy step process, a simple trick or another cheesy made up get rich quick scheme. What I am about to share with you is not going to make you money at all… However what it leads you will allow you to unlock any obstacle you have in your life. If I can attribute my success online and in life to one thing…well then this is it.

One of the biggest problems people run into online is not their dedication, their resources, or the strategy they are using. I know with a fair amount of certainty most people who read this blog are 100% willing to pay the price to get to where they want to be (You guys are bad asses and I love you).

The biggest problem however, cannot be conquered by dedication or any simple plan. The biggest factor of success in this industry (by far)  is how you think! (prepare your self for some deep self help shit!)

If there is one aspect that had the most impact on how I work, it is when I realized that my current way of thinking was completely incongruent with working for myself and making money my own way..

So here in a nutshell are the two factors that will LITERALLY make or break you when it comes to taking control of your life financially

Learning To Think In Questions

When I first got into internet marketing this was how my thoughts looked

I hate my job, I work for idiots

I want to make money online

I want freedom

I want to be financially independent

Now think about it. These are thoughts ALMOST EVERY single person has. Who hasn’t thought like this? However, thinking like this is also why ALMOST EVERY person never achieves ANY of these goals.

The reason for this is because these thoughts are just wants! They do not reveal any way to obtain these goals or help you reach success AT ALL. Once the thought is thought, then it is gone for ever and your life is still unchanged.

Unfortunately, this was exactly how I thought as I spent my time investing in get rich quick SEO schemes and scammy products online. This did not change until I read a book by Tony Robbins called Unleash The Giant Within(go google it…AMAZING).

If there was one thing that I took away from this book that changed my fate online it was this

Learn to think in questions..Not statements

Almost overnight I started finding answers to my questions. Here is a perfect example of how this worked up until now

How can I have financial freedom (SEO)

What is SEO (A way to control Google rankings)

Who is doing this (Natlex)

Where did he start (The Challenge.co/TKA)

How do I make a website(by following this tutorial)

How do I make it rank faster(blog blueprint)

How Can I make money off this website ( Adsense)

Fast Forward a Few Months of Questions

How Can I make money faster than I am now

How can I create returning customers

How can I create the most effective website for making money

What type of post on The Link Back will help people the most

How can I convince businesses to invest in my consulting business (Surge Wolf marketing)

How can I get ahead of the curve and make millions

ALL, of this was started by one questions (How can I have freedom?).. The beautiful thing about thinking in questions is you then are always finding  answers and then the answers create more questions.

It is a never ending pattern of growth that inevitably leads you to reaching your goals. The reason why people fall into slump or suck at life is because they stop thinking about growing, and just start thinking about what they want.

Wants dont lead you to the answers, but QUESTIONS ALWAYS WILL

Now wait!

Thinking in questions alone is only part of the process that I have found unlocks the world. There is one other step that is absolutely crucial. This is…

Learning How to Constantly Ask The Right Questions

The biggest issue most people have with this is they do not learn how to ask the right questions. For example when it comes to making money online, most peoples thought process will usually be this (SEO is the most common entry method)

How can I rank higher in google

How can I rank faster

How can I rank higher than this site

How can I change my site a bit to rank higher

What product can I buy next to rank better


Do you see the problem here? Yes, a thought process like this can get you really good at SEO.. However, if you really want to bank online and have a luxurious lifestyle you are DOOMED if you think like this.


Because your thoughts do not give you answers that take you anywhere new. You are virtually asking the same question over and over again in your head. This leads to you plateuing or stagnating because your answers do not take you anywhere new. (and then your fucked if google decides they want to hate fuck your website)

Here is thought process of a online millionaire

How Can I rank Higher in google

How can make a site that makes the MOST money once it ranks in Google

What product can I create or promote that will really bring in the money from this market

How can I used the emails I am collecting to have a constant source of return customers

Is there a way I can cut SEO out of the process and make the money istantly (PPC)

Wait, can I do SEO for million dollar companies and make 3 times what I am making now

Can I scale this process over and over again to make 1,000 a day

How can I spend this 1,000 dollars to make 10,000 dollars back

How can I get the edge on other people with this money, where are the untapped markets

How can I combine my high converting site designs, my SEO skills and my instant paid traffic skills to make the most money of this untapped market

Do I need to work today or should I take the day off driving my corvette and getting drunk with my friends

Do you see how thinking like this will inevitably lead to online riches. While the 1 aspect focused guy is asking himself the same questions and growing very slowly the online millionaire is EXPLODING his income by constantly looking at new ways to use his abilities.

This is exactly how every millionaire (online and offline) I know operates. I have had the opportunity to talk to many online giants and this is exactly how ALL of them think. There is never a moment where they think,

okay this is enough, lets just get good at 1 thing

So guys. I challenge you to change your thought process TODAY. Stop seeing the little picture and constantly ask yourself the craziest questions you can think of. There is NO QUESTION that is too crazy.

REMEMBER THOUGH, it all starts with the little questions!

Instead of thinking

I want to own a NBA basketball team!


How Can I be financially free

How can I make this most money this way

How can I start a business

How can I create a million dollar company

What basketball team d0 I want to buy

And boom….

Thanks for reading guys..Becker out