Why 95% Of People Fail At Keyword Research Pt 1

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Why 95% Of People Fail To Make Money Online

It is a well know fact that about 95% people fail to create a full time income online. The most shocking fact I have found though is the 5% who do are not doing anything extremely sexy or anything THAT incredible.

In fact most marketers I know making 100k+ a year focus on very basic proven techniques

So what does this tell you? 95% percent of people online simply are overlooking the basic principles of Internet Marketing, and only paying attention to SEXY ways to make money online.

Things like understanding what your traffics wants, basic marketing, and directing traffic effectively are virtually ignored! People want to hear about how to send a few backlinks to a random site and make 5k a month while watching TV. In this post I want to personally challenge you to be the person who digs deeper.

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What 95% Marketers Overlook In Keyword Research

The biggest issue most people have when it comes to keyword research is they simply do not actually take the time to understand their keywords.

Every blog, course, or guru out there always focuses on 2 factor. The keywords search volume and competition…Are these important? Of course!..But , you know what is 100x more valuable and allows marketers to make the big bucks in SEO

Understanding the people typing IN the keyword

What people are forgetting is one simple rule: To make money online, you have to get people do something online, period. So if this true, wouldn’t it be extremely important to understand the person behind the keyword instead of just focusing on its search stats?

This is why a keyword such as:

How To Stop A Heat Attack – 500 searches a month (made up number)

is much better than

How Shoes Are Made – 10,000 searches

So in this post I want to break down exactly what to look for in keywords besides just their stats. This is a big mistake people (myself included) make in keyword research and is a curse when they start monetizing their site (I will be getting into that issue in the  next post)

Keyword Profit Indicator Number 1: The Level Of Need For A Solution

Why do people use Google?  To solve an issue.

The issue can be full filling their need to find a funny picture of a cat. It can also be how to prevent dying prematurely. One of these is obviously a much bigger issue than the other.

Lets imagine the stats for these real quick.

Funny Cat Pictures – 10k searches per Month

How To Prevent Premature Death – 500 searches per month

Most people would instantly take on the Funny Cat Pictures niche because they have been lead to believe that higher search volume=money.

But, if we take a step back. Who is more likely to pay you $100 to solve their problem? A person who is bored and wants to be entertained by cat pictures OR a 30+ year old man who is afraid of that he could die in 5 years if he doesn’t solve his health problem.

The latter of course, because he NEEDS a solution NOW. Because of this dire need a site targeting this keyword could get a 5% conversion rate on a $100 product NO PROBLEM.

The cat site would be lucky to have a .05% conversion rate on any $5 product they were trying to sell.

To put this in perspective

How To Live Longer : 500 Visitors A Month, 5% Conversion Rate, $100 Product

500x.o5= 25     25×100=2500 per Month. Flippable for 15k+

Funny Pictures of Cats : 10k visitors a month, 1% conversion rate, 5 dollar product

Less Than 500 Per Month

This is great for traffic, but not the kind that pays you!

One thing to also keep in mind. There are VERY few keywords with a 10k+ search volume that are non-competitive. There are a TON of tiny big problem keywords that are untapped though

Keyword Tip #1: Pick Big Problems, for Big Results

Keyword Profit Indicator #2: Understanding WHO your visitor is

One thing that is completely ignored half the time is  understanding who is searching for a keyword. Remember,  just because everyone can use the internet doesn’t mean everyone has the same amount of income to spend. Not all visitors are created equal

A broke 18 year old is going to put a lot of thought into spending $10  online. However,  a 40 year old banker will probably spend $400  out boredom. Lets look at two searches in the same niche

How To Flirt With A Girl : 14,000 searches per month 

This is a HUGE search.

However lets take a step back. Who is the most likely person to be wondering about how to kiss a girl. Probably a person that has never kissed a girl in their life or is VERY inexperienced/young. Most people over the age of 22 (the age where people start to have money) have kissed a girl or have very different issues when it comes to dating.

So this assumed huge money search, is mostly made up of 12-18 years olds with very little money to spend. They are also very inexperienced when it comes to buying products online

Case and Point: When I used to run College Flirt, I ranked highly for the keyword: how to flirt with a girl. I quickly realized who most of my traffic was when I started getting people emails requesting how to use a debit card online, if this would show up on their parents bill, and flat out if they could get a free book because they had no money (the books were 7 dollars)

I liked helping people on there, but this traffic is a marketers worse nightmare.


Now lets look at another keyword in the dating niche

Dating Tips For Divorcees – 500 search per month (Imagined Number)

This keyword would seems pretty worthless to most people. However, think about it.Most people that are divorced are age 25+. At this age they usually have a stable income and very often burn money just because it feels good to do so.

I was at a bar last week, and a guy making 50k  a year ( average middle class income) dropped $200 on drinks for me. Why? Because spending money  feels good when you have it. This is our ideal targeted customer.

Case and Point: A paid traffic marketer I know EXCLUSIVELY targets divorcees with dating products and advice. His clients have paid up to 2k for private coaching. He usually has over 5 clients a month. Woah!


Keyword Research Tip # 2:

Think about what the words in the search  tell you about the searcher. WHO would have this problem, WHO would type this in. HOW MUCH is their cash worth to them.


Keyword Profit Indicator # 3:  Understanding The Hidden Issues

This is perhaps one of the most important factors I look at in keywords, and allows me to virtually to make money off some of the weirdest untapped keywords imaginable.

Here are some examples of what people REALLY are looking for in keywords  (or what they can be converted to)

Turkey Burgers:

  • How can I eat healthier,
  • My blood pressure is high from beef
  • My children love burgers but they are SOO bad for them. Maybe turkey would be a good alternative

Firefox browser not playing videos:

  • Why is my computer always broken,
  • I need new internet
  •  How can I get rid of malware

Toys For Children:

  • How Can I keep my kids safe,
  • what is the most popular toy at the moment,
  • how can i bee a better parent


This is huge. Remember, if you can spot the TYPE of person making a search, you can pin point big issue needs they might have. Then you can sell them on it!

-The Mom looking for toys probably is terrified of her children  getting hurt. You can convert her to a $100 baby monitor

-The person interested in turkey meat probably wants to eat healthier. Convert them to a product that  lowers blood pressure, lowers a dress size in a week etc

-The guy having trouble with their internet browser probably has mal-ware. Convince em of that and he will probably buy software to fix it.

Etc, Etc, Etc

Everyone Has Them, Its Your Job To Find Them

The Secret To Keyword Research Is…Looking at WORDS!

Why do words exist?

To tell us what people are thinking! People give away clues to what will make them whip out their credit cards every time they use Google. Our jobs as SEO site owners is to decode those clues and use them to make an income online.

The point I am trying to make is: Yes, search volume is important when it comes to keyword research. HOWEVER, what the words suggest is far far more important when it comes to making a real income online.

Next time you are about decide on a keyword ask yourself

Who would search for this?

Is this an issue they would spend money to fix?

What other issues are they likely to be having?

Hope You guys enjoyed the post!


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