Real success story of my internet marketing in 2010

So I wrote a bit about this in the about me page but I’ll give a more detailed history of my IM (Internet Marketing, in case anyone did not know) experience here for those who are interested. I know one of the greatest motivators for me was when people showed me REAL success and ACCURATE earning reports about their IM. So to start off with, if you did not read my about me page I am Alex and I started IM a few months after meeting Dave. making money with adsenseAt first when he told me he was building websites and making (at the time, hes now in a lot more areas of IM such as CPA offers and affiliate mkt) most of his money from google adsense.

Of course I had SEEN adsense ads all over the internet but NEVER would I have suspected a simple looking dude like Dave (actually, I learned hes much more smarter about IM than I initially believed) could actually be making a living off of this. At the time I probably believed that you needed to be the owner of some major 100k+ a month traffic site to be able to make a living off of the internet. Anyway, after a few months I decided dammit I’ll give it a shot too! and I started my first niche website at the end of february.

The first months were quite slow but I was working on my website and going to college full time and feeling quite enthusiastic about the whole idea. Here’s a brief rundown on my adsense earnings which are still to this day about 80-90% of my earnings, but I’m slowly going to go into other areas such as CPA and amazon.

In march I made $5

April = $15

May =  $30 I was finally at $1/day, I was so happy! At this point school stopped and I had a 40/hour per week day job

June = $100 Another great milestone, I figured even if I kept only making $100 off my sites for the rest of my life it would pay for video games and other hobbies for “free”

July = $170

August = $413 Wow! Part of this is a WEIRD day I got at the beginning of august that made me $70, to this day all I know is that aol sent me a MASSIVE amount of traffic in a few hours and sadly it never happened again…

September = $761 (at this point I stopped working full time at my day job, only 16hours a week)

October = $1400

November = $2300

December = $2300 My adsense income for the first time did not go up in december which I found VERY odd at the time. However, that month I started making decent money off amazon and clickbank, around $100 each so my real total is around $2500.

Here’s a cool graph I got off the new adsense interface that show the entire year of 2010, you also get to see the odd spike in august!:

my year 2010 in adsense

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, I’ll probably be posting about my methods shortly and giving you guys updates for 2011 on a monthly basis.

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