My Next SEO Conquest Step By Step (Part 1)

Hey doods, Becker here,

With my final big post before SEO Hybrid I decided to do something very special for everyone that on here that has a hard on for SEO..

I want to make this really simple though so here is what is gonna be happening

What Exactly Does This Mean..

This means I will be sharing

  • The SEO
  • What I am learning
  • How I monetize it
All with readers of this blog (a lot of this will also be sent out via the newsletter..if your not on it yet then you are fuck tarded) I will be using a strategy that Alex and I have actually cooked up and been using with some massive success lately (which is going to be explained in EXTREME detail in SEO Hybrid as well)

When Is this Starting?….RIGHT NOW

Tools I Used For This Step

Artisteer ( Creeate custom WordPress themes)


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Till Next Time!