My Next SEO Conquest : Step 1 Initial Backlinking

What is up guys! Becker here with another revealing SEO post.

Video Update

So, I have good news….My SEO conquest is going very well and I am sieging the castle walls of Google like a dragon on steroids..(sorry  I have been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Skyrim lately)

Anyhoo, with all the dramatic dragon analogies aside things are going very well due to my initial backlinking strategy that I will be sharing with you guys (If you have read Panda Dundee this is very similar to Step 1)

If you would like to check this, go to google and type in Turkey Burgers…Then find this site (

My first 2 Week SEO Strategy

Honestly,  most people will assume that I have been busting my ass to achieve such a quick ranking ( I have already made 5 bucks off the sites…woo hoo!)  However, the truth is the secret to initial backlinking is NOT busting your ass and sending a ton of links

What you really want to do is send a few powerful links and the leave it alone for a bit. What I have ALWAYS found to give me the best results is to simply wait 1 or 2 weeks to even start SEO on my site.


Because my site is still very new and is no where near ready to be on the first page. I really do not want Google paying to much attention to it until it is an optimized beast.

Exactly What I Did This 2 Weeks

I have sent my site these exact backlinks (This literally took  me less than 2 hours)

  • 20 Blog Blueprint Links
  • 1 Youtube video link
  • 1 Ezine Article links
  • I the sent blog blueprint links to my youtube and ezine to “empower them”.
As you can see the real secret to this is again Blog BluePrint (here is my review). At the end of the 2 weeks this is what my back link structure looks like

Why I Love This Initial Strategy

Reason 1: I want to test just how competitive the search is. If my site ranks highly with a few of these high value empowered links, then I know I can safely start pouring more time into it.

Reason 2: I do not want to be penalized at all by Google, so I only send a few high quality links at first

Reason 3: Link variety! Instead of using one backlink source, I am using 3 different sources and then empowering 2 of the sources (my Youtube and Ezine Links)

Reason 4: Very little work to test out the competition.


How to Imitate This

1. Get blog blueprint and then use the tutorial in the Linked Video Course (free when you sign up for the newletter) to send your site 20 backlinks

2. Go to Create a 400 word quality article and place links to your site in the signature section with the  proper anchor text ( For example my anchor text was Turkey Burgers and Turkey Burger Recipes)

3. Go to You Tube. Record a short stupid video with your web cam or a screen recording device. ( Here is a super easy free software to do it with ) Then upload it to youtube and place a link in the description section

4. Send 20 blog blueprint links to your Ezine article and your youtube video (you will also start to see your yotube video rank in google as well.)

Boom! Done!

Why This Works

1. Google loves high PR blog backlinks (blog blueprint)

2. Google loves high pr article links that have links going to them (ezine)

3. Google LOVES youtube with a unholy passion

4. Google goes crazy for different types of high quality links all pointing to one site


Click To Go To The Next Step : Top 5 In 2 weeks SEO Strategy

Now that I see that this site is ranking highly it is time to really start amping up the content on the site and start aggressively backlinking. I will be getting into exactly how I do this in my next post (and I promise it is much sexyier)


Pretty simple eh?

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