My Next SEO Conquest Step 2: Top 5 In 2 Weeks

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Hey guys Becker here…

With good news!

My SEO Conquest is nearing its end, I have bashed down the walls of Turkey Burger castle  and am storming the keep like a raging tiger warrior on PCP…(Go to google, type in Turkey Burgers, find in the top may be dancing a bit)

My 2 Week, Top 5, Tiger Warrior SEO Strategy


First off, I gotta come clean.  (Under construction) actually ranked top five for a 27k search in  2 weeks and 3 days.  However, I am more than happy to be getting a ton of profitable traffic to my site just 2 weeks after starting SEO!

There are 3 main things I did that I attribute this fast ranking to

  • Absolutely lethal on page SEO
  • Diversified super high quality backlinks
  • Effective use of tools and fiverr
I would also like to point out that until today this site only had 1 page with content on it…so if you are one of those people that believes you need to writes a hundred article and have 1000 pages to rank quickly…..your just….wrong


My Diversified High Quality Backlinks

I showed you guys the main high quality backlinks I used in my last post, but I will go over it again here and show a few others that I used. These are

  • Blog Blueprint links (if you do not have this tool yet…your silly)
  • Ezine and article site links that are empowered by Blog Blueprint links (I will sending out a list of these to newsletter members)
  • Youtube links (Create a video, put your link in the description)
  • Intelligent blog commenting (I am writing a guide for this on the newsletter as well)

These are by far the best early links you can get.  I created all of these manually, here is the quantities as well

-20 blog blueprint links a day (I started doing this after about 2 weeks in. I saw almost immediate results when I did)

-1 relevant article (which I spun) sent to 8 high pr article sites

-1 Youtube link

-100ish High PR relevant blog comments (These are blogs with high PR and are in the cooking niche)

I wish I could sit here and say there was more to it, but these links combined with my on page SEO  are pretty much what got me this ranking. While I am going to do a bit more to get the 1st ranking spot, this was what it took to get in the top 5 (aka where the money is).

These types of diversified links are brutally effective, and if you are a person who runs an offline SEO business like me this is PERFECT for ranking in local keywords as well.


My Automated Backlinks (The Next Step)

Now, these links have not come full circle yet. I just started creating these kinds of links to my site, but this is the next step in my SEO strategy so I wanted to share it.

The Automated Link Tools I Use

  • Social Bookmarking Demon (You can get a Link Back exclusive discount in our review post HERE)
  • Article Marketing Robot (I outsource this on Fiverr now though)
  • Fiverr Packages
Here is the quanities
  • -400 Social Bookmarks a month
  • -200-400 Article Submissions
  • -3 Fiverr packages a month
This is by far my favorite part of the process because I can just sit back and let the tools/fiverr dudes do all my work for me.


The Keys to Creating a Great Backlinks

So far I have only shown you the backinks I create. What I realized though is that I have yet to show you how to create a good backlink (ALSO, we will be adding a total beginner section to the site soon that will show the very basics to get anyone started)

The 3 Things That Make a Good Link

  • The anchor text
  • The domains relevance to the link (For example, I want links from sites about turkey)
  • The PR of the linking site
Basically my perfect link would be  from a PR 7 site about Turkey meat, with the anchor text (the text of the link) Turkey Burgers.
So, when you are creating links (manually, automated, or buying) remember these 3 things. Also, make sure to diversify your links anchor text. For example I use “Turkey Burgers, Cooking Turkey Burgers, Turkey Burgers recipe” as my anchor text.

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