The Swiss Army Knife Of SEO Plugins – Seo Ultimate

SEO-Ultimate pluginHey guys, Seo Ultimate has been a plugin I’ve been using for a while now on my newer websites and I noticed the link back still has All in One SEO. So I decided to do the upgrade and make a video out of it for those who also might be interested.

Don’t get me wrong, all in one SEO works fine and both plugins will give the same SEO results but with SEO ultimate you can control more what you want to do and it has many additional features that will probably interest you. I did not put my old money sites on SEO ultimate because it would be a lot of work anyway to configure it properly because of the sheer amounts of posts.

deeplink_juggernaught_anchor_text_linksI really like the deeplink juggernaut module (pictured on the left) to make certain words become an automatic anchor text and link to a certain page. Also, what I like a lot about this specific module besides standalone plugins that do the same thing is that you can make these links open in a new window or as no follow.

incoming_autolink_anchor_text_from_seo_ultimateAlso, when you create a new post you can easily add the anchor texts you think people (especially you as the article writer) would want to link back to this post with. For example, if I or anyone else on another post mention any of these four words it will link back to this post automatically:

seo ultimate
seo ultimate plugin
seo ultimate video guide
seo ultimate guide


Anyway it has a lot of useful features that are described in the video below and how I initially configured it when I switched this blog to it. I felt it would be worth the effort since with all the new posts the older ones are getting buried and I think it’s important to add a better internal linking system for this blog going forward :).


I will probably link to this post from the new video guides that will supplement the starting SEO guide I wanted to have a more “advanced” section and I’ll probably link to this video. I don’t think a newbie should waste time playing with these options instead of building backlinks or whatever but once you have the time it is a nice plugin to take time to properly learn & utilize.

Plugins used in this video: Seo Ultimate link

For people with affiliate blogs, I often get asked what I use so I briefly demonstrated it in this video, ghost url (aff link, it’s $67) . A free version that does similar stuff ( links instead of 100% cloaking is pretty links which is free on the wordpress directory.


Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you have any comments/questions.