SEOLinkvine Review – Not very good

SEOlinkvine is another article distribution service that use’s user submitted websites or blogs that will accept your articles and you get backlinks in exchange. It basically works like most other similar services where you submit an article with spin syntax that contains your backlinks somewhere in the article and select appropriate categories so your article gets submitted to relevant websites.

First off, I have to say that SEOlinkvine probably has one of the best user interfaces out there. Not only is it simple to use and good looking, but it accepts almost every spin syntax you might have used on other networks making it very easy to re-submit the same articles from other article distribution services or networks on SEOlinkvine. Basically it accepts { | } [ | ] and many others. After copying your article you select which categories you find are relevant to your article. They have a lot and frankly it would be nice if you could have a saved “preset” of categories, like if you are going to submit 5 articles on acne it would beSEOlinkvine max publish blogs cool to have all the same categories automatically checked. Anyways, after that you select how many times you want your articles to be distributed from 1 to 4 per day. Frankly, I think 4 is enough of a low number so I do not see why you would go any lower. Even on new websites of a few days I usually do 5 backlinks a day. Some people will go higher but then again, I never had google sandbox or major google dances doing it this way so it works for me.

However, while that’s great do you actually see results by using SEOlinkvine? Sadly, after trying it for 2 months and really hoping it would work it simply did not AT ALL change my rankings. Sure, my articles got distributed and I also was able to check in Google that a lot of them got indexed. I always keep a “phrase match” that all versions of my spin articles contain, very easy to check in Google after all the websites that got indexed with your article on it. Sadly, unlike other networks the 6 or so keywords (on different sites too to make it more broad) that I tested saw 0 ranking changes! I had a hard time believing this after the first month so I gave it another month, especially since the user interface is so simple, and tried it again with completely new spun articles for other keywords and once again saw no change….  Very disappointing…

Also, as you can see from this other image on the right some articles even after a month with the option of 4 SEOlinkvine article submission numbersarticles distributed daily in some big niches (health in this one) barely had any submissions done! This is pretty unacceptable but I did see that Brad Callen made some modifications recently to SEOlinkvine by limiting the number of articles a person can submit per day (I think it is at 6 currently) to give everyone’s articles a fair chance of properly being distributed and not having a few people clog up the network with their 15+ or however many articles they submit daily (these guys are probably people who are paid by others to do SEO/backlinks, they aren’t doing this for their websites… I doubt it).

Conclusion: While SEOlinkvine is probably improving for the better in making sure your articles always properly get distributed, I never saw ranking changes. Even for articles that did end up distributed 100+ times and that I saw a lot of indexed posts in google. I’m assuming that this is simply due to google sees the websites but gives their links no value. Ultimately, you could maybe use it to rank satellite sites or web 2.0s but, why not simply use another service that also ranks for your main websites? I’ll give it a try again in a few months, maybe things will have changed but for now I’m staying away, its not even worth copying articles from my other subscriptions.