The Biggest Reason Why I Wanted to Make Money Online, And How You Need it Too!

I’m sure the following idea is something a lot of you guys will recognize in yourself or what you see in others that are interested in making money online. “I want to make money online so I could barely have to work and make tons of money.” “I would have so much free time to do anything!” While that might be true for a few of us, especially for a short time, for me and Becker we truly do enjoy our work. Work isn’t something to be avoided, it should be pursued. traveling around the world thanks to making money onlineWhile on your first year of success you might want to do like 2 buddies of mine (that I met while traveling) who decided to go world traveling for a year (aka 30+ countries within 12 months) eventually… You did it. They currently both settled in some foreign country and one of them I know for sure is concentrating on work again now that he has a more normal lifestyle. The freedom from IM and being an entrepreneur comes from being able to work when you want on what you want. I know some of you will think this is ridiculous but making $10,000+ a month of money without effort does not lead to automatic happiness, as I was able to observe from my surroundings. You get bored. No new things to be proud of. No challenge.scratching head

After reading a few months ago an AMAZING book called The Millionaire Fastlane, I have been debating where I want to use my current earnings + time. I want to focus on long term projects. By the way that book is a REALLY good read and I honestly would recommend it to anyone whether you want to be a millionaire or not. It just gives you a proper mindset to follow.


Personally I do not think my life would change much whether I made millions per month or not, it’s an indirect goal. With $4,000-$5,000 a month with minimal maintenance effort, I already can travel anywhere in the world for any length of time, go out with my friends when I want and buy organic food or any electronic gadget I might want. At this point I want to contribute to something that I will learn a lot from and be proud. All my work recently has been on the link back (Becker has a lot of great ideas that we want to implement) and especially a local iPhone app that will be an interesting blend of local/online advertising as far as I am concerned in that project.


How motivation can transform someone


This app is done with my neighbor who is a real hustler (aka does not give up) and has gone from a driving instructor to an extremely hard working person. For the past week as the app is about to launch,  he has been driving around town from 8am to 8pm pitching our app to big business owners and then debriefing with me from 8pm to midnight and exchanging ideas on promotions, pitching ideas, seo traffic, ppc campaigns etc. The app really came from his vision and you can see how now that he is working towards this goal he is one of the most determined person I’ve ever met. I’m really happy he brought me on board. Sadly, due to the importance of being able to meet face to face this project limits my ability to go world traveling during the cold Canadian winter but I’m really excited at all the learning this project will give me. I’ll be doing a bit of SEO for it but it is especially going to teach me a lot about PPC and local marketing. I’ve also been learning a lot about video editing, graphic designing and making a facebook fanpage with a custom landing page that has s video to hopefully convert more people. It’s been time consuming but I have not really been tracking the time ;). alex rolling up postersLike in this picture where I finally finished rolling up posters at 6am, I’m dead tired. They will be for promoting our app around town. Will be interesting to see if this is effective vs online advertising which is starting… today! I’ll do another post soon with some updates on what I’ve more specifically been doing recently (PPC, fanpages, sales letters, a few adsense sites, working on conversions etc.)



Find something that motivates you


Anyway, what I wanted to point out in this post is the importance of finding something that motivates you if you want to succeed. The reason I wanted an online business was to be my own boss and ESPECIALLY wake up at noon+ every single day. I HATED waking up at 7-8am for school or the day job. I actually enjoyed school. Work was also great. When I was not falling asleep and I could keep my eyes open in front of the screen. let me sleeeppp I figured if I do not enjoy that now then when I’m in my 30s I will be a grumpy older man. My mom used to tell me “oh you will see Alex, you will get used to it.” Uh no… more like I will be used to feeling tired & miserable…


My coworker on the iPhone app was tired of having a job with poor pay and not much of a future and really is working hard towards being a millionaire now. Who knows if he will succeed, but he is clearly motivated. I’m not sure what your goals are, but find them and make sure to use them as leverage to stay focused for many months/years. Some people would consider it to be “kinda cool” or “a fun thing” to succeed online and really, I think you need a much more focused approach and goal if you want to reach success.

You might as well quit now if that is the extent of your motivation.

As I explained in my previous post on how to succeed online, you really can’t simply copy others even if there are a lot of good courses out there to put you on the right track. You must figure your path for yourself. If you quit well… In my opinion you simply did not believe in your goals enough to stay focused.


Happy holidays to everyone!