Success with PPC on Facebook :)

So after doing a lot of PPC since last November I finally had a good profitable month after sticking to Facebook as my traffic source and dating as my vertical. I want to switch to health soon as this is my true long term goal with PPC so I can use my own products or build my own brand. Anyway, net income image…..


So at the end of the month of February 2012 I was starting to spend $200-250/day since I was doing $100-200 profit. We`ll see how things scale up in March. Now that this is a bit more under control I’ll go back to doing some SEO on my niche sites and see what happens. I kinda lost interest for a while as there is no doubt PPC scales much faster than SEO. Within 4 months I made 1k profit… It took me 8 months or so to reach that with SEO back in the days. At the same time, I like how SEO sites do not cost that much money to maintain once you have your rankings (and when Google does not make some new algorith change that invalidates a lot of what you’ve been doing for many years :P).


So ya a quick update post, I’ll try to do some more this month and get this blog back up running.