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Secockpit column explanation

Making new Websites – Video on Keyword Research Using SEcockpit

TweetHey guys, after not doing much SEO related work in the past 3 months as I mentioned in my last post on SEO/Adsense I’m starting to work hard on it again. With public blog networks possibly losing a lot of power in the future I really want to consolidate my website “portfolio” to websites I […]

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niche refinery is gone

New Keyword Research Videos – Niche Refinery Gone 4 EVAR

TweetHey guys, so as many of you have pointed out to me, niche refinery has been retired. Not only that, but if you have been using the keyword tool dominator tool it is also down… Quite annoying but truthfully the reason I did not really notice these updates until pointed it out to me is […]

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Video on how I use SEMrush to help find niches and good keywords

Tweet So a lot of people have trouble with finding good markets and keywords they can rank for and this is where SEMrush can definitely help you by stealing some of the big website’s keywords that they are probably not optimized for. Beyond stealing keywords though, I have been using it a lot to give […]

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SEMrush example, spy on keywords

SEMrush Review – The Ultimate Keyword Tool to Spy on Competitors (free version!) ?

TweetUPDATE: I recently did a video on how I use the paid version of SEMrush to find keywords and niches to create websites on, you can view the video below and the newer post here: A really cool tool I discovered recently was SEMRush. Basically, you put someone’s website and it will tell you (with […]

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Doing niche keyword research

Step One: SEO Keyword Research – Find Profitable Keywords & Analyze Competition

TweetAs a newbie the hardest part is the beginning, keyword research before you start a website and register a domain. Keyword research becomes easier over time and in this post I’ll try to explain how I do things. There are many great courses out there on how to get started in internet marketing and for […]

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