The Link Back Newsletter (Free ebooks, keywords, and content…oh my)

What This Newsletter is Gonna Be All About…

Whaaat is up guys, Becker here..

Anyhoo, one of the main things Alex and I have been wanting to do with the blog is make it as personal as possible. Of course we want everyone who comes on the blog to get access to free great content, however we want there to be something special for our dedicated readers. Well here it is… and our goal is pretty simple. Create the best internet marketing newsletter on the web by literally overloading you with value.

So lets cut the shit and get right into exactly what we are going to do here (be sure to watch the video!)

4 Things to look Forward To..

The Link Back Anti-Bounce Guide

In short I am writing a e-bookΒ  that is going to lay out everything I have learned about how to make sure people stay on your site. We all know that a low bounce rate+high amount of time = $$$$. So, I am going to show you everything I do to keep people on my pages and surfing my sites (and clicking my ads or buying my products).

I am then going to give it away to you for free when you become a newsletter member. I am a validation junkie..what can I say =P


Free Highly Profitable Low Competition Keywords

One of the ways I make money online is by finding high profit low competition keywords and then selling them for upwards of 100 dollars. I literally do not have time to make anymore SEO sites with what I find. However, we want to really reward people on our newsletter.

Sooo, 3 times a month I am going to give away these keywords. These will be big keywords that you WILL make money with. What I am going to do is send out the stats for a keyword (searches,cpc, competition) to everyone on our newsletter list. Then, the first person to email me back gets the free money making keyword. Pretty cool right?


Bonus Content and Articles

This is pretty standard, but I wanted to lay it out there. In order to really reward people on our newsletter, Alex and I are going to be putting out some of our best content via the newsletter. We will still be providing top notch content on the blog though, do not worry!


Cutting Edge Information From All Over the Web

One of my main jobs with my internet marketing company is to research any new information released about internet marketing. Because of this I read countless e books, guides, software reviews etc etc etc.

I can honestly say all the knowledge I have gained from this is why I have become so potent online. There is a down side though, only about 1 out of every 4 things I read is really worthwhile.

So what I want to do is fetch you the best sources of knowledge I read on the web so that you do not have to dig through the crap like I do. (There will be non-affiliate links in these, so you know you are getting pure value)

How Does This Sound?

Is there anything else you guys would like to see? If you have anymore ideas for this newsletters speak up! We want to hear you.

All of this is getting started next week, however you can sign up early below.
By the way. The first Keyword is a exact domain match, 14 dollar CPC, with 14 k searches a month…oh my

Also, in response to the questions about the blogging tool I use. The only paid SEO tool I use is Blog BluePrint(affiliate link). If you want any more info about just ask.

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