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The Next Generation of SEO..and How To Use It

Okay, I am gonna cut the shit today and get straight to the point.

There are two big things we ALL know in the back of our head

1. Google +1s and social media are going to start determining (well already are) Google search results

2. The best source on the web for free viral traffic is Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus (soon)


What this means for us

I will be the first to admit, I am not the foremost expert on social media. However, if you read Panda Dundee, you saw that it is already playing a big roll in search engine rankings.

However, for about the past 2 weeks I have been reading almost ever article I can on how Google plus works and how to create viral media traffic on auto pilot.

With that being said, I of course want to share what I have found with the readers of this blog.


So In This Post I Want to Do Two Things

1. Show you how to harness social media to increase your Google ranking AND get viral traffic AT THE SAME TIMEE

2. Explain how Google +1  works and how it/social media is going to change how we do business forever


Part 1: Harnessing Social Media for Rankings AND Viral Traffic

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